Planning a wedding? Don’t forget these wedding stationery essentials!

Whether you are newly engaged or you are planning to have a wedding, you do not want to miss every aspect of your wedding that you want to include! Planning a wedding can be super exciting but also overwhelming! CatPrint wants to help you define all of the following wedding printables that you may have heard of but aren’t sure of what they are, and can help you decide whether or not you need them!

Your wedding status: We just got engaged!

Engagement Party Invitations

CatPrint Engagement Party Invitation Design #428

Did you two just get engaged? What better way to celebrate the two of you getting engaged than with an engagement party to celebrate your engagement to each other! Send out engagement party invitations to your friends and family and have them celebrate with you before all of the wedding planning begins!

Your wedding status: We just picked our wedding date!

Save the Date Cards/Reminders
Wedding Save the Date Card CatPrint Design #240

Wedding Save the Date Card CatPrint Design #240

If you already picked your wedding date and general location, make sure to send out Save the Dates to your family and friends so that they reserve that special day for the two of you. This way, your friends and family won’t incidentally make vacation plans that overlap on your wedding day!


Wedding Save the Date Card #439

Added bonus: Use the professional engagement photographs in your Save the Dates so that your guests will see just how happy you two are!

Will you be my bridesmaid/groomsman?

Once you have figured out who will be in your wedding, send them that special invitation to ask them to be your bridesmaid or

Bridal Shower Invitations
Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #238

Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #238

A bridal shower originated as a gift giving event honoring the bride-to-be. But now, it is thought of more as a gift giving event for both the bride and groom-to-be! Make sure to send out bridal shower invitations to those people who are invited to the wedding!

Bridal Shower Thank Yous

CatPrint Thank You Card #495

Thank everyone who came to the bridal shower, especially if they gave you a gift! A thank you card is always much appreciated!

Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party Invitations

Bachelorette Party Invitation Design #403

Send out these invitations to your closest friends and family members for your bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Your wedding status:  We picked out our wedding venue!

Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Dinner Invitations

CatPrint Rehearsal Dinner Invitation #536

Rehearsal dinners and wedding dinners are usually held a few nights before the big wedding. Make sure to invite your family and friends to the dinner for a much more calm and relaxed setting to catch up with everyone before the big day!

The Wedding Invitation Suite

CatPrint gets a lot of questions about what a wedding invitation suite is supposed to consist of. Based on what we have seen from customers, this is what the wedding suite should typically include:

Outer Envelope/Inner Envelope

The outer envelope is for when you send out your entire wedding invitation suite to your guests.

The inner envelope originated from the fact that mail got really dirty in the old days! However, mail still gets pretty dirty so if you want to make sure that your invitations arrive nice and beautifully, then make the inner envelope your primary impression instead of the outer envelope.

Belly Band

This is used to hold all of your wedding suite items together! Take a look at our CatPrint Wedding Suite sample.

Wedding Invitation Card

CatPrint Wedding Invitation #384

This is the most important and should have the main details for the wedding!

Reception Card (if the reception is at a different location from the ceremony)

CatPrint Reception Card #150

If the location of the wedding reception is different from the ceremony, this is important to include so that your guests know where the wedding reception will be held!

Directions/Map card

Most of the time, not every guest that you have will be local, especially if it is a destination wedding! Make sure to include a directions or map card so that your guests know the location of your wedding beforehand, and (hopefully) they won’t get lost or show up late!

Response card & self addressed stamp envelope (courtesy)

Make sure that you include a Response (RSVP) Card in your wedding suite so that your guests can let you know that you are expecting. As an added bonus, make sure to also include a self addressed stamp envelope! Your guests will really appreciate it!

Hotel accommodations for guests

If you are expecting many guests from out of town, make sure that your guests know what are the best hotels closest to your wedding and/or wedding reception. Make sure to have some rooms blocked off at a local hotel! Sometimes hotels provide discounts for this as well, so be sure to take advantage of that so it benefits both you and your guests!

Welcome basket/treats tag (treats for the guests)

Most weddings have some sort of welcome treats for their guests, that usually come in a basket or bag. Make sure that they have some sort of custom wedding tag featuring your initials and wedding date!

Ceremony program

If your guests don’t know what is going on during the day, they might miss out on certain events during the wedding!

Pew cards/reserved seating cards

Pew cards, or reserved seating cards can be one of two things, depending on how you decide to seat your guests.

Table Card (number of the table)

If you have reserved seating, make sure to help your guests get to their table by giving them direction: place the table number on the table!

Escort Card (at the entrance of the reception, saying the guest’s name and the table number)

If you are having Table Cards placed, make sure that you also guide your guests from the very entrance of the reception! These are cards that you have at the entrance of the reception area, which says the guest’s name and the table number that your guest will be sitting for the reception.

Place Card (at the specific seat)

If you are having reserved seating with specific seating, make sure to have your place card there too!

Menu Cards

Make sure to let your guests know what is on the menu so that they aren’t surprised by what is served to them! It is especially useful so that guests can know what meal they can order beforehand.

Favor Tags

If you are giving your guests some fun favors, make sure that you have a favor tag on the item with some sort of personalized note.

Your wedding status: We are happily married!

Thank You Cards

CatPrint Thank You Card #270

Remember to thank everyone who attended your wedding with Thank You Cards!


CatPrint Thank You Card #278

Added bonus: Use the professional wedding photographs in your Thank You Cards!

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Happy wedding planning!