TED Talk Tuesday: 4 lessons in creativity by Julie Burstein

Julie Burstein in her TED Talk

Julie Burstein in her TED Talk

Whether you’re a wedding photographer or an invitation designer, everyone goes through some sort of struggle in the creative process, and CatPrint wants to help you get through that!

In this TED Talk, Julie Burstein talks about finding and embracing the spark. She gives examples of four artists who had to let go in order to create. She provides stories and insights from:

Who is Julie Burstein?

Julie Burstein is the creator of Studio 360, which is a Public Radio International Show. She is the author of Spark: How Creativity Works. She spends a lot of her time speaking to all types of artists and their creative processes, which you can find on her blog at http://www.pursuitofspark.com/.

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TED Talk Tuesday: Doodler’s Unite! by Sunni Brown

Why Should You Watch This?

Have you ever doodled before? Doodle as in draw little cartoon stick figure humans or writing your crush’s name with a heart around it in your notebook even though you’re supposed to be taking notes in Algebra class back in school? Some of us even do it now when we’re in lecture halls in college or even company board meetings coming up with random ideas. Some studies even show that creating sketches while taking notes makes us understand things better. But more often than not we feel like we did something wrong when we are caught doodling.

We’re always looking at graphs and numbers; but what about images?

That’s where Sunni Brown comes in. Brown makes the argument that doodling is good for you! It boosts your visual thinking, creativity, and helps with productivity in the long run.

Sunni Brown - Dell's Drive to Innovation

Sunni Brown – Dell’s Drive to Innovation

Who is Sunni Brown?

Known as one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business”, Sunni Brown is the owner of a consultancy called SB Ink. She specializes in visual thinking and how doodling and visual imagery can help corporations. She strives to bring visualization into the work place, having developed a method called Gamestorming.

Learn more about Sunni Brown:



Image taken from http://www.sunnibrown.com


Be an artist, right now!

Why Should You Watch This?

People are always saying that they don’t have time for art or that it doesn’t help them. Young-Ha Kim talks about how kids are always artistic no matter what they do and explains further as to why adults tend to not do art if it’s not in their field. He argues that we should all take some time out of what we would normally do everyday and do some sort of art. Find out why and how, now!

Who is Young-ha Kim?

Young-ha Kim is a well known South Korean author known for I Have the Right to Destroy Myself, The Empire of Light, Your Republic is Calling You, and Black Flower. Many of his works have become adaptations and inspirations for Korean films. Formerly a professor at Korean National University, he is now a full-time writer and lives in New York, NY with his wife.


TED Talk Tuesday: Your Elusive Creative Genius by Elizabeth Gilbert

Why Should You Watch This?

Creativity can come from a different variety of sources. The most difficult is when an idea comes to us at a spontaneous time and there’s no way to record it, draw it, or write it down. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about how no one person is a genius, but that we all in fact have our own genius.

Who is Elizabeth Gilbert?

Elizabeth Gilbert is a professional writer and bestselling author, well known for her internationally acclaimed memoir-turned-film Eat, Pray, Love. She has been a journalist for a variety of magazines such as GQ, Allure, and The New York Times.


TED Talk Tuesday: Old books reborn as art by Brian Dettmer

Why Should You Watch This?

A lot of us strive to be as green as possible whether through reusing, reducing, or recycling. In an environmental perspective, Brian Dettmer inspires people to reuse outdated items for a new purpose. Just as many of us recycle, he recycles in his own way: by taking items that would have been easily thrown out and using them in his art pieces.

 Who is Brian Dettmer?

Brian Dettmer is a contemporary New York Artist who creates book sculptures by carving into old and outdated items like books, encyclopedias, and cassette tapes. His artwork has been exhibited in many places such as the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and the Museum of Arts and Design located in New York City. You can find his work in public and private collections all around the world.


TED Talk Tuesday: How to Build Your Creative Confidence by David Kelley

What is TED Talk Tuesday?

Every Tuesday, CatPrint will be posting a TED Talk picked out specifically for you, whether for inspiration, motivation, creativity, or simply advice. We’re here to help you get motivated about what you do!

David Kelley: How to Build Your Creative Confidence

Why Should You Watch This?

Do you need some motivation? Have you been held back or put down with your art or design? If you’re someone who needs some inspiration, you should watch this. Your creative confidence needs a boost, and David Kelley will help you.

Who is David Kelley?

David Kelley is a currently a professor at Stanford University and chairman/founder of IDEO. He has contributed much to the design world, such as the first Apple computer mouse. He teaches engineering design methodology at d.school, the design institute at Stanford.