TED Talk Tuesday: Success is a continuous journey by Richard St. John

Unless your goal is to fail (which CatPrint really doesn’t think anyone has that goal!), the general feeling is that everyone wants to be successful! But why is it that there are many people that do reach what people generally term as “success” and then fail? Could it be the mindset that changes after reaching “success”? Or maybe the motivation that originally drove them to success is no longer there? Find out in this four minute TED Talk to set yourself apart from others who get too comfortable in their zone!

Who is Richard St. John?

Richard St. John is an author and marketer. His lectures and talks are mainly driven to help other people with becoming successful. He is the author of The 8 Traits Successful People have in Common: 8 to Be Great. You can visit his website here: http://www.richardstjohn.com. We also previously featured him on our CatPrint blog for his other TED Talk: 8 Secrets to Success.

TED Talk Tuesday: 10 top time-saving tech tips by David Pogue

CatPrint wants to make sure that you are being as productive as you can to accomplish your goals!

Why Should You Watch This?

People tend to assume that everyone knows these 10 tech tricks in this 5 minute video by David Pogue. If you want to save more time when texting or reading on the computer, watch this quick productivity hack video and make sure you take some notes!

Who is David Pogue?

David Pogue is a writer, columnist, and correspondent for CBS News. He writes for the New York Times as a columnist for technology. He is the author of many For Dummies books and also has his own line of books called The Missing Manual series.




TED Talk Tuesday: 5 ways to kill your dreams by Bel Pesce

Achieving a goal is an easy task, right? No? Of course not!

Often time, people like to dream big but not do much about it. More people like to think about achieving a goal rather than doing it.

CatPrint wants to make sure that you’re constantly rejuvenated with inspiration and pushing towards your goals!

Why Should You Watch This?

In this short TED Talk, Bel Pesce outlines the five reasons that she believes is the cause for people not achieving their dreams. These five reasons are a lot more common than you think! She debunks the beliefs that she sees a lot of people believing in. Hopefully you’re not doing or believing in any of the five things right now that are killing your dreams. But if you are, it’s time to change your views!

Who is Bel Pesce?

Bel Pesce is the author of The Brazilian Girl from Silicon Valley, Superheroes: WANTED and The Girl from Silicon Valley 2. She has worked for big technology companies like Microsoft and Google and launched multiple startups. She has also opened a school called FazINOVA in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her goal is to inspire others to continuously strive towards their dreams to achieve them.