CatPrint’s Radio

CatPrint's Production Floor Radio

CatPrint’s Production Floor Radio

On a table in the middle of CatPrint’s Production floor is a radio. Like most people, the staff who make our customers’ prints use music to help barricade their attention from distractions. With undeterred focus and the right groove, they are efficient and precise. However, lately that radio has been silently collecting dust. Members of the production team are more often seen with headphones snaking from their ears to their pockets. Production is a quieter scene these days, but the phenomenon seems natural. It may actually be kind of a good sign: Our business is growing. More orders are coming in and our production specialists are adapting their senses of concentration, committed to their posts. Music isn’t entirely necessary for this dance party. There’s a rhythm in the prints that come through, a tune to the quality that is demanded in each job. Members of the team may be moving to different beats, but we’ve never been more in sync.


CatPrint's Production Floor Radio - CloseUp

CatPrint’s Production Floor Radio – CloseUp