New York Comic Con is coming!

New York Comic Con 2015 is only about a month away!

New York Comic Con (NYCC) is listed on Big Fish Game’s blog as one of the 17 conventions that you must attend before you die!

NYCC started in 2006 and has grown bigger each year. It is currently one of the largest annual comic conventions on the East Coast today! Since its starting year, NYCC has grown 4.5 times in attendance!

NYCC is now the combination of anime and comics! Before 2010, the anime portion of NYCC was a different event called New York Anime Festival hosted by ReedPOP!

Year Attendance
2006 33,000
2007 49,000
2008 64,000
2009 77,000
2010 96,000
2011 105,000
2012 116,000
2013 133,000
2014 151,000

CatPrint will be attending the New York Comic Con this year for Thursday’s and Friday’s festivities! If you see a CatPrinter walking around, make sure to say hi so we can snap a photo with you (if you allow us of course).


CatPrint is also doing a special giveaway! If you don’t have tickets to NYCC, visit to find out how to win TWO NYCC Friday Tickets!

Will you be attending New York Comic Con? CatPrint wants to know!