TED Talk Tuesday: Why it’s time to forget the pecking order at work by Margaret Heffernan

Celebrated as the 2000th TED Talk, this 15 minute TED Talk is definitely worth your time to watch, especially if are a small business owner. Large companies and corporations have long believed in only supporting the “superstars” in order to best benefit the company. However, research shows that teamwork is much more valuable and benefits the company more in the long run.

As a company, CatPrint is a big fan of organizing monthly company teambuilding activities! What do you do to increase your connectedness at your company?

Who is Margaret Heffernan?

Margaret Heffernan describes herself as a management thinker. She was formerly the CEO of five businesses, and now focuses her time on increasing the productivity of businesses and analyzing how organizations tend to run. She wants to help businesses that are struggling with a connected work culture and make them realize the importance of teamwork and interconnectivity.