TED Talk Tuesday: Doodler’s Unite! by Sunni Brown

Why Should You Watch This?

Have you ever doodled before? Doodle as in draw little cartoon stick figure humans or writing your crush’s name with a heart around it in your notebook even though you’re supposed to be taking notes in Algebra class back in school? Some of us even do it now when we’re in lecture halls in college or even company board meetings coming up with random ideas. Some studies even show that creating sketches while taking notes makes us understand things better. But more often than not we feel like we did something wrong when we are caught doodling.

We’re always looking at graphs and numbers; but what about images?

That’s where Sunni Brown comes in. Brown makes the argument that doodling is good for you! It boosts your visual thinking, creativity, and helps with productivity in the long run.

Sunni Brown - Dell's Drive to Innovation

Sunni Brown – Dell’s Drive to Innovation

Who is Sunni Brown?

Known as one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business”, Sunni Brown is the owner of a consultancy called SB Ink. She specializes in visual thinking and how doodling and visual imagery can help corporations. She strives to bring visualization into the work place, having developed a method called Gamestorming.

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Image taken from http://www.sunnibrown.com