Proofs Process: Online Proofs and Hard Copy Proofs

CatPrint offers online proofs and hard copy proofs. For customers who are not familiar with these terms, we want to explain this to you and how the process for proofs works at CatPrint.

Online Proofs

What are online proofs and how does it benefit me?

Online proofs are our way to let you check your print job before it goes to print! This way, you can check for grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors and get that fixed as soon as possible. The online proof that we send you will also show you where your print job will be trimmed and folded, so you will have an idea of what the end product will look like, conveniently on your screen!

How do I get an online proof?

To receive an online proof, on the checkout page, make sure to check off online proof from the drop down button of the Proofing Option under Delivery Details.

Why would I not want an online proof?

An online proof would not be suggested if you are concerned with color matching. There is always a variation from the image file on the monitor to the actual print. We recommend that you always calibrate your monitor with CatPrint so that the image on your monitor will be as close as possible to your actual print.

An online proof may not also be ideal as the proof does not show any potential layering issues with your image file.

How do I calibrate my monitor with CatPrint?

To calibrate your monitor with CatPrint, email and request for a calibration print to be mailed to you. Calibration prints are complimentary, so you do not have to pay for anything! For further instructions, see our guide on how to calibrate your monitor.

When will I receive my online proof?

You will receive your online proof within one business day or less!

Hard Copy Proofs

What are hard copy proofs and how does it benefit me?

Hard copy proofs are recommended for when you want to see how your prints will look like before receiving your full order. This will benefit you in the long run because your prints will not have printed yet, and you will not have had to pay for an order that had a bunch of spelling mistakes on it. No one wants to receive a full order of wedding invitations only to find out that their name was spelled wrong, or that their birthday party invitations had the wrong address!

How do I request for a hard copy proof?

You can request a hard copy proof by selecting hard copy proof when choosing your Proofing Option under Delivery Details on the Checkout Page.

How much does a Hard Copy Proof cost?

The first hard copy proof that we provide you is complimentary! You can receive a complimentary hard copy proof with any order. Any additional proofs after the first complimentary proofs are $10. If you require an expedited proof, we offer an overnight delivery of hard copy proofs for $40.

When will I receive my Hard Copy Proof?

Your Hard Copy Proof will arrive to you between 3 to 5 business days.

General Proof Questions

How does the process for proofs work?

In order to request for a proof, you must put in your full order details. Selecting hold for payment will not make your order go active on our system! You should put your full payment information when you are requesting a hard copy proof. The plus side is, if you order the proof and you no longer want to go through with the order, you have the option to cancel the order and receive a full refund!

Make sure to approve your proofs for your order to go through by contacting Customer Service!

Where are my proofs and when will they arrive?

If you requested an online proof, you can expect an online proof to arrive within one business day, sometimes in an even less amount of time!

If you requested a hard copy proof with your order, your hard copy proof will arrive to you between 3 to 5 business days.

What do I want to check for when I request a proof?

When you request for a proof, it is important that you check a lot of things, including but not limited to:

  • Check that all of your text is displaying correctly! If your text is not displaying correctly, make sure to:
    • Check the settings on your PDF creation software and make sure that you are embedding the fonts and flattening the layers. Often time, when we see that an online proof does not display correctly or the hard copy proof seems to be missing text, it is usually a layers/flattening issue.
  • Make sure that your spelling, phone numbers, web links, email addresses, location addresses are all correct! Don’t send your guests to the wrong house, and don’t give out a stranger’s phone number!
  • Make sure that you have the correct margins for your prints. For full bleed file setup, please see the full bleed printing information for more details.
  • Check to make sure that the flip style is correct! You don’t want your invitations to be flipping upside down, unless that was your intention!
  • Make sure that you have uploaded all of the pages in your file! You do not want to be missing a page from your booklet. Where did page 30-31 go?