CatPrint Interview: La Familia Green with Mollie Green

CatPrint is excited to present a new Customer Q&A with Mollie Green, owner of La Familia Green (  Mollie is kind enough to share some insight on her business and give entrepreneurial advice from her personal experience in the design industry.  Check out the full interview below!

La Familia Green Greeting Cards

La Familia Green Greeting Cards for the Holiday Season

What does your business, La Familia Green, offer?

I offer greeting cards, buttons, and wrapping paper – all featuring my illustrations and cut paper collages.

Could you describe some of your background and how you got into design?

I have a BFA in printmaking from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After graduation, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I took a job working at a wonderful stationery store in Chicago. I was very inspired by the burgeoning small press greeting card scene, and started to make my own cards.

La Familia Green Greeting Cards

La Familia Green Greeting Cards completely hand drawn by Mollie Green!

When did you create the first La Familia Green design?

10 years ago in 2005!

How would you describe your style of design?

Analog, organic, folksy – I do almost all pre-press work by hand.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

La Familia Green Greeting Cards

La Familia Green designs are inspired by animals like cats!


I am inspired by food, animals, and interesting people. I also love finding little things that my audience instantly connects with – cats in boxes, city-specific trends, omnipresent weather chatter, etc.

Where are you located?

My home and my studio are both located on the far north side of Chicago, in the Rogers Park neighborhood. It is very tree-sy, funky, and near Lake Michigan.

La Familia Green Greeting Cards

La Familia Green Birthday Greeting Card

Is your business online only, or do you also have a storefront?

La Familia Green is carried at retailers around the world, and I have a website and etsy store.

How long have you been printing with CatPrint?

I started printing with CatPrint in 2008 when Anthropologie placed a big order. Up to that point, I was making everything by hand. Thank goodness for CatPrint!

La Familia Green Greeting Cards

La Familia Green Greeting Cards are of her own personal style

What is the biggest difficulty you’ve encountered in starting your own business?

Trying not to stress out too much! Like not worrying when times are slow and not freaking out when they are busy.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists or entrepreneurs to use when building a business?

Trends come and go – you will have better long-term success if your stick with your own look and unique ideas.

Where can people find La Familia Green designs?

La Familia Green Greeting Cards

Many examples of La Familia Green Birthday Greeting Cards


Stationery stores, boutiques and independent bookstores and at