What is Full Bleed Printing?

Here at CatPrint, we often get a lot of questions regarding to full bleed printing, or print full bleed. It sounds like a foreign term if you aren’t a seasoned customer.

Full. Bleed. Printing.

Usually when you order prints, there is a white border that appears around your printed artwork or image. Some people like it. Some people don’t. For those of you that are satisfied with the white border, you’re good to go!

But what about those of you who want your image printed to the very edge and make that white border disappear?

That’s where full bleed printing comes in. Full bleed printing makes sure that your image or artwork is printed all the way to the edge of the stock. There will be absolutely no white border.

But first, you have to set up your file for full bleed printing.

When creating an order for full bleed printing with CatPrint, we very much advise and recommend to all of our wonderful customers that your file needs to be ¼” (.25 of an inch) larger than the finished cut size. Still confused?

Let’s say you want to full bleed print a business card.

A typical business card has a sized dimension at 3.5” x 2”.

So we add .25” to those dimensions:

3.5 + .25 = 3.75”

2 + .25 = 2.25”

hint on full bleed printing

Hint on Full Bleed Printing

Your file size would be 3.75” x 2.25” for optimization of full bleed printing.

If you don’t set up your file correctly and choose full bleed printing, your printed piece may not come out the way you want it to due to ⅛” of your image being cut, and may even miss parts of your image!

But don’t worry too much: The CatPrint customer service team will always check your files before allowing your order to go through. If CatPrint sees a concerning issue, we will reach out to you to give you a warning.

full bleed printing hint

Add .25″ to your file dimensions for full bleed printing.