Meet our new foster cat: Marilyn Monroe!

Meet our newest CatPrint foster cat, Marilyn Monroe!

Foster Cat Marilyn Monroe

Foster Cat Marilyn Monroe – what a beauty!

Last week, our previous foster cat Max found his forever home. The next day, we received Marilyn Monroe!

She is a very pretty 5 month old kitten who absolutely loves to play.

Marilyn Monroe with Friends

Marilyn Monroe with Friends

Surprisingly enough, she gets along with the two office boxer dogs, Coffee and Lily!

And when she is all tired out from playing, she loves to cuddle.

Marilyn Monroe Sleeping

Marilyn Monroe having her beauty rest

If you would like to find out more on how you can adopt Marilyn Monroe, you can visit GRASP’s website.

Meet our newest Foster Cat: Max

As you may or may not have heard, CatPrint loves having animals in the office!

On most days, we have the two boxer dogs, Coffee and Lily in the office.

Coffee and Lily

Coffee and Lily, CatPrint Dog Patrol

On other days, we have three office dogs with Nova!


Nova, Customer Service Rep

On a day where all the dogs get to come out to play work, we have four dogs with the addition of Harper!

Harper, Customer Service Dog

Harper, Interim Customer Service Manager

Now you can meet Max, our latest foster cat!

Max the Cat

Max the Cat

CatPrint is currently fostering Max for a local rescue group in Rochester, New York, called GRASP Inc.

What is Max’s story?

Max was born in 2002, which makes him 13 years young! Max was adopted by a nice elderly lady around Spring of 2014. They were a great match as both of them were seniors. However, as time went on, her health began declining and she could no longer properly take care of Max. He started to become stressed out, and the elderly lady and her family felt that it was best for Max to find a new home.

What is Max like?

Max arrived to GRASP declawed on all four paws. He loves to be petted and responds with sweet purrs!

What is GRASP?

You may have also heard about GRASP from as one of our monthly featured non-profit organization for our CatPrint Cares program! If you haven’t already, you can read our CatPrint Cares blog to learn more on how you can be both charitable and receive discounts on prints at the same time!

You can find more information about GRASP from their website at: