CatPrint August Artist of the Month: Qetza

Qetza is our Featured Artist of the Month for August 2015! A complimentary 8.5″ x 11″ of his piece “Pharaoh Cat” printed on our Heavy Card Stock Shimmer will be included with every comic, illustration, anime/manga art orders through the end of August!

Qetza August Artist of the Month

“Pharaoh Cat” by Qetza, CatPrint August 2015 Artist of the Month

About the Artist:

Starting with a sketch pad, pencil and ink, then finishing with a computer and drawing tablet, Jorge “Qetza” Garza creates his designs for a range of clients and his own artistic endeavors. He resides in Northwest Indiana and considers his influences to be comic book artists of the silver and modern age, as well as art and architecture of ancient civilizations like the great Meso-American empires and many others. his drawings feature detailed line work and color with an attention to detail and composition.

To learn more about Qetza, you can learn more about the artist from the following information. Content Advisory: CatPrint is not responsible for any content on external websites.




CatPrint March Artist of the Month: Kiriska


Kiriska - You Are My Sunshine

Kiriska – You Are My Sunshine

Kiriska is our featured artist of the month for March! We will include a free 8×11 print of either “You Are My Shadow” OR “You Are My Sunshine” on our Heavy Card Stock Felt. If you’re an artist and would like to be featured in the future, make sure to contact and email us at

Kiriska - You Are My Shadow

Kiriska – You Are My Shadow


About the Artist

To view more of Kiriska’s work and purchasable art, feel free to visit:

Content Advisory: CatPrint is not responsible for any content on external websites.






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