TED Talk Tuesday: Two poems about what dogs think (probably) by Billy Collins

As you may have already known, CatPrint loves animals! We have dogs in the office just about everyday, from boxers to pitbull mixes to poodles! Sometimes we even foster cats in our office from local animal rescue groups that need help sheltering them. So it isn’t a surprise that for this week’s TED Talk, we decided to feature one about what dogs probably think!

Who is Billy Collins?

Billy Collins is an author, who is a former U.S. Poet Laureate & Poet Laureate of New York State. He is most famously known to capture his audience with wit and humor in his poetry. He has been a faculty member at City University of New York for over 40 years, while also being a visiting professor and guest writer at many other colleges and universities.

You can learn more about Billy Collins at: