Printing Environmentally Friendly Wedding Suites & Invitations

As you already know, CatPrint makes every conscious effort to reduce our impact on the environment. CatPrint is a TerraPass White Badge Partner, and in August of 2014, we learned that we were able to recycle all of our shrink wrap! This led to a huge amount of reduced waste, even during a very busy season!

But our environmentally friendly green printing doesn’t end there. CatPrint has paper stocks that are completely 100% Post Consumer Recycled, and even paper that is completely made from cotton (no trees were involved)!

Paper Name Weight Environmentally Friendliness
Extra Heavy Card Stock Cream 130lb cover 100% Post Consumer Waste Recycled
Light Card Stock Cream 80lb cover 100% Post Consumer Waste Recycled
Heavy Card Stock Kraft

Heavy Card Stock Recycled

Heavy Card Stock 1 sided gloss

110lb cover 100% Post Consumer Waste Recycled
Heavy Card Stock CottonHeavy Card Stock Cream Cotton 110lb cover 100% Cotton (No trees were involved!)

CatPrint has noticed that more and more couples are beginning to look for an environmentally friendly online printer when choosing to print their wedding invitations and wedding suites. We know that choosing the greener printing option can sometimes be a little bit more expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially not with CatPrint!

You might also be interested in variable data printing and envelope printing if you don’t want to have to write the same return address 100 times!

The following is just an example chart of what it may cost to print your 100% environmentally friendly wedding suite with CatPrint. Obviously, you can always further customize your prints, and those listed on the chart are only the most common wedding suite sizes that we see come in with no special finishing added, such as corner rounding or folding. The prices include the price of Kraft Envelopes where noted.

As always, you can build your custom quote instantly on our instant quote builder on the CatPrint site! The following were calculated with a quantity of 100!

Print Type Job Size 1 or 2 sided HC Cotton HC Recycled HC Kraft
Save the Date Postcard 4 x 6 2 $90.22 $57.06 $66.81
Save the Date with Kraft Envelopes 5 x 7 2 $113.13 $79.89 $89.64
Invitations with Kraft Envelopes 5 x 7 1 $93.57 $60.33 $70.08
RSVPs with Kraft Envelopes 5 x 3.5 1 $56.73 $41.95 $46.28
Small Inserts 5 x 3.5 1 $39.73 $24.95 $29.28
Large Inserts 4 x 5.5 1 $43.37 $26.72 $31.59
Thin Belly Bands 11 x 1.25 1 $32.72 $21.62 $24.87

Ordering a Wedding Suite with CatPrint

Weddings are Expensive!

Each year, the total price of having a wedding only gets more and more expensive. Couples are trying to find every possible method to reduce the price of each individual item that contributes to their wedding costs.

One of the most common types of prints that we see incoming to CatPrint are wedding invitations! You shouldn’t have to break your wallet just to print your own custom wedding invitations. That is why so many people turn to CatPrint to print not only their wedding invitations, but also their entire wedding suite!

If you have read our previous post on the List of Most Common Wedding Suite Sizes that we see printed at CatPrint, then the information in the table may look familiar.

The following prices are all based on a quantity of 100, with some of our most common card stocks that we see couples printing on for their weddings! Envelope pricing has not been included in the the table pricing. You may be interested in learning more about variable data setup and printing on envelopes instead of having to hand write your return address 100 times!

Print Type Job Size Based on EHC Linen HC Kraft HC Shimmer
Save the Date Postcard 4 x 6 2 sided print $82.11 $66.81 $81.85
Save the Date Card 5 x 7 2 sided print $85.09 $69.64 $84.70
Invitations 5 x 7 1 sided print $65.52 $50.08 $65.13
RSVPs 5 x 3.5 1 sided print $36.17 $29.28 $35.98
Small Inserts 5 x 3.5 1 sided print $36.17 $29.28 $35.98
Large Inserts 4 x 5.5 1 sided print $39.37 $31.59 $39.13
Thin Belly Bands 11 x 1.25 1 sided print $32.72 $24.87 $29.90