Upcoming Convention Dates

There are only a few months left for 2015. If you were looking for a place to remind you of all of the convention dates near you, here is a list that you can hold onto. The convention dates are listed in order of location instead of by date in which they occur, so make sure to take note of the ones that are closest to you that you may want to attend!

October 2015

Name Start Date Location
Rose City Anime Festival 10/18/2015 Alberta
Protoculture Con 10/4/2015 CA
Sac-Con 10/25/2015 CA
Animate! Miami 10/23/2015 FL
Animate! Miami 10/23/2015 FL
Mizucon 10/2/2015 FL
WasabiCon 10/31/2015 FL
Anime Ohana 10/9/2015 HI
Anime Getaway St. Louis 10/10/2015 IL
CONtraflow/DeepSouthCon 10/2/2015 LA
YoumaCon 10/29/2015 MI
Anime Fusion 10/16/2015 MN
PokeCon 10/24/2015 MN
Another Anime Convention 10/16/2015 NH
Great Basin Geek Con 10/17/2015 NV
SNAFU Con 10/30/2015 NV
Kabochacon 10/23/2015 OH
NyanCon 10/3/2015 OH
Izumicon 10/30/2015 OK
Pittsburgh Comic & Collectibles Show 10/24/2015 PA
Banzaicon 10/30/2015 SC
Omega Expo 10/2/2015 TX
Oni-Con 10/30/2015 TX
Realms Con 10/2/2015 TX
Anime Banzai 10/16/2015 UT
Bakuretsu Con 10/30/2015 VT
Aki Con 10/30/2015 WA
Anime USA 10/30/2015 Washington DC
Titletown Comic and Entertainment Expo 10/2/2015 WI
Tsubasacon 10/9/2015 WV

November 2015

Name Start Date State
Hamacon Minicon 11/14/2015 AL
Kikori Con 11/6/2015 AZ
Campbell Con 11/7/2015 CA
ANIME SOUTH 11/20/2015 FL
FANdom Con 11/6/2015 FL
ShadoCon 11/6/2015 FL
NerdaCon 11/6/2015 GA
Anime Matsure Hawaii 11/27/2015 HI
Wizard World Louisville 11/6/2015 KY
Animaine 11/13/2015 ME
GeekFest Montreal 11/7/2015 Quebec
Anime NebrasKon 11/6/2015 NE
Philcon 11/20/2015 NJ
Yushi-Con 11/7/2015 PA
Anime North Texas 11/20/2015 TX
Nekocon 11/6/2015 VA
Daisho Con 11/20/2015 WI

December 2015

Name Start Date State
Lost in Fandom 12/13/2015 CA
Akihabara Expo 12/18/2015 CA
Holiday Matsuri 12/18/2015 FL
Con+Alt+Delete 12/18/2015 IL
Geekonomicon 12/11/2015 MS
DerpyCon 12/4/2015 NJ
TAG Fest 12/5/2015 OH
Sangawa Project 12/4/2015 PA
Yama-Con 12/4/2015 TN