TED Talk Tuesday: The visual magic of comics by Scott McCloud

With the 2015 San Diego Comic Con International only a little bit over a month away, it is only fitting that we recommend this TED Talk to you!

In this TED Talk, Scott McCloud talks about the interesting things regarding the illustrations in comics. He digs deep into not only the technical terms, but also in the way that humans perceive things.

Why do we see images and interpret them the way we do?

Find out more in this TED Talk!

Who is Scott McCloud?

Scott McCloud is actually a comic artist himself! He wrote the book titled Understanding Comics, which is a comic book about comics and has been translated in over 13 languages. He coined the term “infinite canvas”, which is one of the main terms that he describes comics. He is definitely a favorite of many celebrity comic artists. If you are going to the San Diego Comic Con International this year, Scott McCloud will be there!