CatPrint Walkthrough: Part Three – Printing and Color Maintenance

If you have been following our CatPrint Walkthrough series, this is the third part!

In the first part, we talked about what happens in Customer Service Pre-Press. In the second part of the series, we talked about what happens in Production Pre-Press!

Read on to find out what happens during the third part of the ordering process:

Once your jobs are screened and pre-pressed by both Customer Service and Production, they are added to the print queue in the order of what needs to be printed and shipped by which day. This is how we can offer guaranteed delivery dates.

After the jobs are prioritized, we load up the paper trays and begin sending jobs to the printer. The iGen runs optimally with limited cool-downs. Therefore, we have 6 different paper trays for the printer, allowing for efficiency and consistent print quality.

To ensure that the prints will match the colors within your file as closely as possible, we run color maintenance twice per day, once 8:00 AM and then again at 3:00 PM. This is an automated process that is completed right through the printer’s software.