CatPrint May Artist of the Month: Steiner Palomino

Steiner Palomino is our CatPrint featured Artist of the Month for May 2015! A complimentary 8.5″ x 11″ print of his “Cake The Cat” piece, printed on our Shimmer Card Stock, will be included with all comic, illustration, and anime/manga art orders this month!

CatPrint May Artist of the Month is Steiner's Palomino "Cake the Cat"

CatPrint May Artist of the Month is Steiner’s Palomino “Cake the Cat”

To learn more about the artist, the following are links to their portfolio or web store.

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04-17-2015 CatPrint Music Playlist

This is CatPrint’s April 17th, 2015 Music Playlist! Every Friday, CatPrint will be posting a playlist filled with songs handpicked by employees. Check out the diversity of our music tastes!

  1. Eileen: Wilco – Either Way
  2. Jan: Three Dog Night – Joy to the World
  3. Kevin: The Avett Brothers – Kickdrum Heart
  4. Matt:Cut Copy – Take Me Over
  5. Nicole: Maroon 5 – Sugar
  6. Pat: Crown the Empire – Breaking Point
  7. Saloneer: Bastertaxx – No Place Like Home Ft. Rosette
  8. Taylor: Chet Faker – Gold

CatPrint Music Playlist 04-03-2015

This is CatPrint’s April 3rd, 2015 Music Playlist! Every Friday, CatPrint will be posting a playlist filled with songs handpicked by employees. Check out the diversity of our music tastes!

  1. Adam: Kenny Loggins – I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man)
  2. Eileen: Labi Siffre – Bless the Telephone
  3. Jon: Angus and Julia Stone – Hold On
  4. Kevin – Shakey Graves – Perfect Parts
  5. Matt: Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru
  6. Nate: Hall & Oates – She’s Gone
  7. Pat: Hit the Lights – Summer Bones
  8. Saloneer: Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

CatPrint April Artist of the Month: Mike Luckas

Mike Luckas is our featured CatPrint Artist of the Month for April 2015! All comic art and illustration orders placed during April will include a free 8.5″ x 11″ print of “Feline Fine” on our Heavy Card Stock Kraft!

CatPrint's April 2015 Artist of the Month Mark Luckas's "Feline Fine"

CatPrint’s April 2015 Artist of the Month Mark Luckas’s “Feline Fine”

To learn more about the artist, the following are links to their portfolio or web store.

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Twitter: @MikeLuckas




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CatPrint March Artist of the Month: Kiriska


Kiriska - You Are My Sunshine

Kiriska – You Are My Sunshine

Kiriska is our featured artist of the month for March! We will include a free 8×11 print of either “You Are My Shadow” OR “You Are My Sunshine” on our Heavy Card Stock Felt. If you’re an artist and would like to be featured in the future, make sure to contact and email us at

Kiriska - You Are My Shadow

Kiriska – You Are My Shadow


About the Artist

To view more of Kiriska’s work and purchasable art, feel free to visit:

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Template Gallery: Alpha Testing Promotion

Today launches the new Template Gallery from CatPrint! Over a good amount of this past year, CatPrint has been developing the Template Gallery for those who come to the website and don’t already have a premade design to print. 

Personalize Screen

Personalize Screen

As part of the Alpha Test launch promotion, there is special pricing starting at $0.50 per card, $0.10 per envelope, and FREE 3 day delivery. This is only for a limited number of customers and starts today! Currently, our gallery consists of template cards for the holidays, so make sure to get them on time with the free 3 day delivery.

Template Gallery Features:

  1. Ability to add your own text which shows up instantly on screen so you can see what your design would look like
  2. Ability to add your own pictures for the templates that provide addition of your own photos
  3. Easy and clean to use interface
  4. Instant price tool; see your total before shipping and handling
  5. As per CatPrint style: guaranteed delivery dates!

We would also definitely love to have your feedback. As always, with any questions, comments, or concerns, you can contact Customer Service at 877-228-7768 or

What is Full Bleed Printing?

Here at CatPrint, we often get a lot of questions regarding to full bleed printing, or print full bleed. It sounds like a foreign term if you aren’t a seasoned customer.

Full. Bleed. Printing.

Usually when you order prints, there is a white border that appears around your printed artwork or image. Some people like it. Some people don’t. For those of you that are satisfied with the white border, you’re good to go!

But what about those of you who want your image printed to the very edge and make that white border disappear?

That’s where full bleed printing comes in. Full bleed printing makes sure that your image or artwork is printed all the way to the edge of the stock. There will be absolutely no white border.

But first, you have to set up your file for full bleed printing.

When creating an order for full bleed printing with CatPrint, we very much advise and recommend to all of our wonderful customers that your file needs to be ¼” (.25 of an inch) larger than the finished cut size. Still confused?

Let’s say you want to full bleed print a business card.

A typical business card has a sized dimension at 3.5” x 2”.

So we add .25” to those dimensions:

3.5 + .25 = 3.75”

2 + .25 = 2.25”

hint on full bleed printing

Hint on Full Bleed Printing

Your file size would be 3.75” x 2.25” for optimization of full bleed printing.

If you don’t set up your file correctly and choose full bleed printing, your printed piece may not come out the way you want it to due to ⅛” of your image being cut, and may even miss parts of your image!

But don’t worry too much: The CatPrint customer service team will always check your files before allowing your order to go through. If CatPrint sees a concerning issue, we will reach out to you to give you a warning.

full bleed printing hint

Add .25″ to your file dimensions for full bleed printing.

Do You Know What Toner Is Made Of?

If you check out our previous post on Toner vs Ink, you will know the basic differences between the two. But what exactly is toner made of anyway?

Carbon powder up close!
Carbon powder up close!

In the old days, toner was only made of carbon powder. But now, different polymers have been added with the carbon powder to help increase the quality of printing, specifically polymers called styrene acrylates and other various styrene copolymers coated with polyester resin (resin is an organic molecule that plants secrete).

This is what polyester resin looks like up close.

This is what polyester resin looks like up close.


This is an example of polyester resin art. Isn't it pretty?

Polyester Resin Art

This is an example of polyester resin art. Isn't it beautiful?

This is another example of Polyester Resin Art.

What does toner powder consist of?

Toner is not actually just one powder; it is made up of a different combination of powders put together in a very specific and precise way that allows it to be used in a laser printing process!

The Big Three

1: Iron Oxide

Iron oxide powders are able to create either positive or negative magnetic charges to become the needed opposite charge of the other toner powder particles during the printing process. It acts as a carrier so that the toner particles stick to the right parts on the rotating drum of the laser printer when printing.

2: Plastic

Heat sensitive plastic powders are melted during the laser printing process. This allows the toner to adhere to the paper and print the image needed.

3: Pigment

Pigment powders give the toner its colors, such as cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

Toner powder... such pretty colors!

Toner powder… such pretty colors!

Other Ingredients

Groundup sand, wax, or silica hold the combination of the big three together in the toner. Wax is melted during the printing process to distribute the toner powder on the paper (similar to what the plastic does) while silica is sometimes added to the toner to stop the powder from clumping up together when it is packed in the toner cartridge.

The Future of Toner

Although they’re combined, these individual powder particles are very tiny, ranging from 5 to 15 microns (that’s a millionth of a meter!), which is around the size of your blood cell. Even so, there are researchers working on creating even smaller toner particles. That is because the smaller the particle, the higher the quality of the printed image will be.

Once again, this is just a hint as to a reason why your prints at CatPrint are so beautiful. If you are not ready to print an entire order, receive an instant quote from us and a free hard copy proof just to see the amazing quality of what your prints will look like.

Toner & Ink.. Not the same thing!

Toner? Ink?

Often heard used interchangeably, these are actually two very different things with the same purpose. Ink and toner are the materials that are used to create any printed image, but with different techniques and outcomes, kind of like the difference between writing with a marker and writing with a pen.

catprint q

Ink: For Inkjet Printers

Ink is used in inkjet printers for basic personal printing, like for home and school use.

Two Types of Ink… It matters!

Dye Based Ink

The dye is absorbed by the paper which provides bright, vivid colors, which is very good for color printing photos. Unfortunately, it can fade when left in sunlight for too long and smear when it gets wet.

Pigment Based Ink

These are made of resins (organic molecules that plants secrete) that are ground into small particles. Pigment based ink sits on top of the paper instead of getting absorbed like dye inks, which gives the print less vibrant colors. However, it is fade resistant, and is also resistant to water. This is typically used for printing documents.

Toner: For Laser and Digital Printers

Toner is most commonly used in laser printers and copy machines, which are usually found in a busy environment like workgroups instead of just at home. They’re required for fast, high quality, high production printing.

What’s it made of?

Toner is typically made of electrically charged dry carbon powder that is contained inside plastic cartridges. These powders can either based with carbon or based with organic dry granules with polymers.

When printing, the toner sticks to the paper through a heating process where the toner melts and binds to paper fibers, which makes it hard to smear, making it usually of higher quality than inkjet prints.

Why CatPrint’s Prints are so Awesome

Now you have a hint as to why your prints at CatPrint look so amazing! If you have yet to place an order with CatPrint, you should do so today! Here’s one of the very special things about CatPrint: you can put your entire order on hold and receive a free hard copy proof if you want to see what your print will look like before your entire order is printed. Click here for more information!