Carbon Offsets: Quick Explanation and Benefits

What is a Carbon Offset?

A carbon offset is a reduction in carbon dioxide emission in one place that makes up for carbon dioxide emission somewhere else. This is made possible through companies that sell carbon offset credits to businesses and individuals. The concept is simple: businesses or individuals purchase carbon offsets and the companies that sell those carbon offsets in turn use the money to invest in projects that reduce greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy. While it is not economically feasible for most individuals and small to medium sized businesses to create their own clean energy, carbon offsets make it easy for everyone to help contribute to bettering our environment.

How does CatPrint participate?

CatPrint purchases carbon offsets through a company called TerraPass. TerraPass uses the money to invest in projects such as using animal waste as fuel to produce electricity, capturing landfill and abandoned coal mine gas and using it to create energy, and purchasing wind turbines to create wind energy. Through this program, we are able to offset our carbon dioxide emissions by helping TerraPass reduce the emissions elsewhere. Check out CatPrint’s TerraPass profile here.

How can you participate?

If you’re a small business and are interested in the TerraPass program like CatPrint, please visit the TerraPass website to find out more information on how your business can participate. Together, we can work to reduce our carbon footprint!