TED Talk Tuesday: Old books reborn as art by Brian Dettmer

Why Should You Watch This?

A lot of us strive to be as green as possible whether through reusing, reducing, or recycling. In an environmental perspective, Brian Dettmer inspires people to reuse outdated items for a new purpose. Just as many of us recycle, he recycles in his own way: by taking items that would have been easily thrown out and using them in his art pieces.

 Who is Brian Dettmer?

Brian Dettmer is a contemporary New York Artist who creates book sculptures by carving into old and outdated items like books, encyclopedias, and cassette tapes. His artwork has been exhibited in many places such as the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and the Museum of Arts and Design located in New York City. You can find his work in public and private collections all around the world.