Why CatPrint saves you money on anime, comic, and art illustration prints!

Summer is practically here which means that Convention Season has started!

As an online digital printing company, CatPrint is no stranger to printing anime, comic, and other art illustrations.

There are multiple reasons why CatPrint is the chosen online printer for many comic and illustration artists. But what really is the main reason?

We have the best prices for 11″ x 17″ & 12″ x 18″ poster prints!

For only $0.65 for each print:

  • Light Card Stock Gloss
  • Light Card Stock Matte
  • Light Card Stock Plain

For only $0.75 each print:

  • Heavy Card Stock Gloss
  • Heavy Card Stock Matte
  • Heavy Card Stock Plain

For only $0.85 each print:

  • Extra Heavy Card Stock Gloss
  • Extra Heavy Card Stock Matte

Why ordering early saves you so much money:

CatPrint offers a flat rate of $7.70 for 7 day shipping with a guaranteed delivery date. This means that it does not matter how big your order is, or how many jobs or pages that you have within your order: the total order shipping will stay at $7.70. Here is an example:

  • 5 separate art prints (5 pages in your job)
  • 11″ x 17″ 
  • Full Color/Blank
  • Light Card stock-Gloss
  • Full Bleed
  • 20 pieces of each art print
  • Total quantity of pieces: 100 pieces
  • Your total job price: $65.00
  • Order Shipping: $7.70
  • Subtotal: $72.70

“I procrastinated to the last minute!” or “I need more prints!”

We also know that life happens and sometimes you end up procrastinating or you run out of prints while exhibiting. If you are at a multiple day convention such as Anime Matsuri or San Diego Comic Con, you can definitely place a CatPrint order for next day delivery & drop ship to your hotel! Just make sure that in the case of drop shipping, find out from your hotel if the hotel is fine with drop shipping.

In order to place a next day delivery, you would have to submit your order before 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. So in Pacific Time Zone, that means you would have to submit your job by 11:00 AM. Make sure to always check the guaranteed delivery date as CatPrint is not open on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.

Upcoming Convention Dates

For your convenience, CatPrint has developed a list of upcoming convention dates for June and July, sorted by state!


Convention Name State or Country Start Date
HamaCon AL 6/26/2015
Nishikaze Alberta, Canada 6/13/2015
LA Cosplay Con CA 6/13/2015
MetroCon FL 6/11/2015
Ocala Comic Con FL 6/20/2015
Florida Supercon FL 6/25/2015
BotCon IL 6/18/2015
Anime Fest Wichita KS 6/10/2015
OMGcon KY 6/12/2015
Derby City Comic Con KY 6/20/2015
BayouCon LA 6/19/2015
PortConMaine ME 6/25/2015
GRASP Comic Expo MI 6/27/2015
Sausomecon MO 6/12/2015
Cosplacon MO 6/18/2015
OzCon MO 6/26/2015
SOPOCU Con MS 6/27/2015
HeroesCon NC 6/19/2015
Animaritime New Brunswick, Canada 6/26/2015
AnimeNext NJ 6/12/2015
Tosho-Con NJ 6/20/2015
ShinkouCon NJ 6/26/2015
NJ Comic Anime Con NJ 6/27/2015
Akron-Canton CC OH 6/28/2015
Lehigh Valley Comic Book Expo PA 6/20/2015
Saskatoon Blitz Saskatchewan, Canada 6/13/2015
SoDak Anime SD 6/19/2015
Comic Con at Sea Spain 6/14/2015
Magma Con TN 6/13/2015
Daisuke Anime Con TN 6/26/2015
Toronto Comic Book Show Toronto, Canada 6/14/2015
Texas Comic Fest TX 6/13/2015
Koya-Con TX 6/26/2015
Omnicon TX 6/26/2015
SunnyCon UK 6/26/2015
Anime Mid-Atlantic VA 6/19/2015


Name State or Country Start Date
Anime Expo CA 7/2/2015
San Diego Comic Con CA 7/9/2015
ConnectiCON CT 7/9/2015
Ancient city Con FL 7/17/2015
LAMECon FL 7/25/2015
Megaplex FL 7/31/2015
Tampa Bay Comic Con FL 7/31/2015
G-Anime Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 7/18/2015
ConBravo! Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 7/25/2015
Anime-Zing! IA 7/17/2015
AnimeIowa IA 7/18/2015
Anime Midwest IL 7/3/2015
NatsuCon IL 7/24/2015
Ikasucon IN 7/10/2015
Anime Festival Wichita KS 7/10/2015
MiniCon KY 7/18/2015
MechaCon LA 7/17/2015
Boston Comic Con MA 7/31/2015
Ai-Kon Manitoba, Canada 7/17/2015
Otakon MD 7/24/2015
Nagu Con MT 7/24/2015
Hoshicon NC 7/17/2015
Armageddon Expo New Zealand 7/11/2015
Garden State Comic Fest NJ 7/25/2015
Ryu-Kon NY 7/10/2015
Buckeye Comic Con OH 7/26/2015
Tokyo in Tulsa OK 7/17/2015
Emiko’s Mini Conention Ontario, Canada 7/3/2015
TFCon Ontario, Canada 7/17/2015
Unplugged Expo Ontario, Canada 7/31/2015
Valhallacon SC 7/11/2015
Anime Blues Con TN 7/10/2015
Knoxville Anime Day TN 7/11/2015
Atomic Lollipop Toronto, Canada 7/17/2015
San Japan TX 7/31/2015
Anime Evolution Vancouver, Canada 7/17/2015
Galacticon WA 7/31/2015