CatPrint Artist of the Month March 2016 – Sal Otero

If you didn’t already know, Sal Otero is our CatPrint Artist of the Month for March 2016! It still isn’t too late to get a complimentary copy of his work, printed on our 100lb Heavy Card Stock Kraft! We will include one with every comic art or illustration order.

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February 2016 CatPrint Artist of the Month – Derwin Roberson aka Blue Hanzo

February’s CatPrint Artist of the Month is Derwin Roberson aka Blue Hanzo! A complimentary 8.5″ x 11″ print of “Skate Cat” will be included with every comic and illustration order (except blind shipped orders).

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Instagram: @bluehanzo.derwin


"Skate Cat" by Blue Hanzon

“Skate Cat” by Blue Hanzo

15% off all giclee poster prints!

There are only a few days left of January, which means that it’s almost the end of 15% off all giclee poster prints!

For those of you who don’t know what giclee prints are, please visit our previous blog for help!

This deal is only valid on Giclées printed on our “Luster Gloss Poster Paper” – using code LG15 or “Art Quality Poster Canvas”- using code AC15.

Pantone 2016 Color(s) of the Year: Rose Quartz & Serenity

Each year, Pantone announces the Color of the Year that becomes a major theme for designers across all industries. Last year’s Pantone Color of the Year was Marsala.

Uniquely enough, this year’s Color of the Year is actually the mix of two Pantone Colors: Rose Quartz & Serenity.

For your reference, the Pantone Color numbers are:

  • Rose Quartz: 13-1520
  • Serenity: 15-3919

If you would like more information on the Pantone color values for different color formats, visit this page on the Pantone site: Color of the Year 2016 Standards.

Template Gallery Save the Date Offer!

Engagement season is in full bloom!

According to the 2015 New User Survey, the top most popular dates that couples got engaged in 2014 are:

  1. Christmas Day
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. Christmas Eve
  4. New Year’s Day
  5. Saturday before Christmas
  6. 2 Saturdays before Christmas
  7. New Year’s Eve
  8. Friday before Christmas
  9. December 23rd
  10. Independence Day

A whopping 40% of engagements occur during the time between Thanksgiving and February! Were you or someone you know one of the people that got engaged during this time?

Then you’re in luck!

Enjoy 20% off all Template Gallery Save the Dates through February 1st, 2016 with coupon code: WP116

January 2016 CatPrint Artist of the Month – Randall Christopher

Our January 2016 Artist of the Month is Randall Christopher!

"Nightcat" by Randall Christopher

“Nightcat” by Randall Christopher

With every comic art and illustrations order (except blind shipped), a free 8 1/2″ x 11″ print of “Nightcat” will be included. “Nightcat” is printed on our premium 100lb cover Heavy Card Stock – Felt!

If you would like to learn more about the artist, you can visit:

Official Site:



2015: CatPrint Year in Review!

2015 was even more exciting than 2014! Here’s a look at what happened this year!

Events at CatPrint

Snow Day

Our year started off with our one and only snow day of 2015! Our Customer Service Team worked from home as it was too dangerous to drive, even for Rochester standards!

February 2, 2015: First CatPrint Snow Day of the year!

February 2, 2015: First and only CatPrint Snow Day of the year!

WeddingWire World 2015

CatPrint Attends WeddingWire World 2015

CatPrint Attends WeddingWire World 2015

This was also the first year that CatPrinters attended WeddingWire World 2015. We learned a lot about marketing and business practices for the wedding industry. This year was also the 2nd year in a row that we won the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award! 

National Stationery Show 2015

CMYKat at the 2015 Stationery Show!

CMYKat at the 2015 Stationery Show!

For the ninth year in a row, the CatPrint NSS team assembled to attend and exhibit at the National Stationery Show! Our new mascot, CMYKat, even made a special appearance!

Chase Corporate Challenge

2015 CatPrint Corporate Challenge Team

2015 CatPrint Corporate Challenge Team

For our second year in a row, Laura organized the Chase Corporate Challenge Team once again! Out of 30 companies in our Mixed Category, we placed 4th as a group! Our Cat-Sprinter Laura herself placed 17th in the female category. Considering there were over 10,000 participants, that is quite an achievement!

2015 Spirit Week

CatPrint’s annual Spirit Week this year was full of crazy and fun themes thanks to the organization of our Production Specialist Pat and the thoughts and ideas from all CatPrinters!

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Decade Day

Decade Day

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Cat Shirt Day

CatPrint Shirt or Cat Shirt Day

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Christmas

Christmas in the summer!

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 CMYK Day


New York Comic Con 2015

For the fifth year in a row, the CatPrint Comic Con Team attended New York Comic Con and met up with old and new comic art & illustration customers!

Bustling Artist Alley at NYCC 2015!

Four Legged Furry Friends


Earlier this year, Customer Service Manager Nicole adopted Nova for Harper’s early birthday gift.

Harper and Nova

Best siblings!

And he grew enormously!

Puppy Nova!

Puppy Nova at 18 lbs!

At 8 weeks he was only 18 lbs.

Harper and Nova 2

But now, at 11 months, he is at a whopping 87lbs, outweighing his older sister Harper, by 25lbs!

Max the Cat

Max with a Tie

Max is ready for his date!

Max was everyone’s favorite! This senior foster cat absolutely loved purring for belly rubs.

Marilyn Monroe the pretty wildcat

Foster Cat Marilyn Monroe

Foster Cat Marilyn Monroe

As pretty of a cat she is, Marilyn Monroe was an adorable kitten who absolutely loved to play all of the time in the office.

Marilyn Monroe with Coffee and Lily

Marilyn Monroe with Coffee and Lily

She even surprisingly got along with the two office dogs, Coffee and Lily, even though they were the first dogs she had ever encountered!

GRASP Paintings

GRASP Painting

Max becoming an artist!

CatPrint’s foster cat Max, along with other foster cats from GRASP had a painting session at CatPrint for a GRASP fundraiser!

Foster Kittens for a Day


Foster Kittens for a Day

We also had visiting foster kittens for a day! These babies were bottle fed regularly thanks to Customer Service Manager Nicole and Production Manager/Creative Director Becca!

Paige & Avery the mischievous sisters

Paige and Avery

Paige and Avery

These two sister cats absolutely loved to be cuddled with and petted!

Paige & Avery received their Christmas wish early when they were adopted together into their forever home right before Thanksgiving!

Have you ever seen a cat sleep like this?!

Have you ever seen a cat sleep like this?

New Features & Offerings:

Art Quality Poster Canvas

For our customers who have been wanting archival quality giclee prints, CatPrint started offering a new stock called Art Quality Poster Canvas earlier this year!


Perfect for Save the Dates, we started offering Magnets around September!


Gold Foil

The most popular offering this year so far is gold foil, which was announced at the end of October!

Gold foil invitations

Gold foil invitations

Template Gallery – so many designs!

Our Template Gallery, which we launched in mid-December 2014, now has 450+ designs which includes:

  • 130+ Christmas & Holiday Greeting Cards
  • 110+ Wedding Stationery


To help educate customers who are interested in the CatPrint printing process, we developed a walkthrough to know what it is like at CatPrint on a day to day basis.

CatPrint Interviews

We were also privileged enough to be given the opportunity to interview five CatPrint customers this year!

Josh P. and game cards

We interviewed Josh P. on how he created and printed his own card game with CatPrint!

Josh P Card Game

Cool examples from the Card Game

GreenSpirit Arts by Sally Smith

We interviewed Sally Smith about her business GreenSpirit Arts. She taught us a lot about environmental sculptures!

GreenSpirit Arts - Dragon Faerie House at Waterfall

GreenSpirit Arts – Dragon Faerie House at Waterfall

La Familia Green by Mollie Green

Mollie Green, owner of La Familia Green, provided entrepreneurial advice and personal experience in the design industry in her interview.

La Familia Green Greeting Cards

La Familia Green Greeting Cards

Paper Traveler by Beverly Jones

We interviewed Beverly Jones about her vintage envelope, collage, and photograph greeting card business, Paper Traveler!


Colleen Attara Studio by Colleen Attara

We interviewed Colleen Attara about her business and inspirations for greeting cards & prints at Colleen Attara Studio.

Colleen Attara Studio


This year was super exciting with all of the new offerings and features. We look forward to an even more productive and innovative year for 2016!

CatPrint December Artist of the Month: Katie Croonenberghs aka Kamakru Art

Our CatPrint Artist of the Month for December 2015 is Katie Croonenberghs, also known as Kamraku Art!

Kitty Cappuccino by Kamakru

Kitty Cappuccino by Kamakru

There is still time to get a free 8.5″ x 11″ print of “Kitty Cappuccino” with all illustration, comic art, and anime orders, printed on our 130lb Extra Heavy Card Stock – Linen.

Katie is a Seattle based fantasy illustration artist who likes to indulge in coffee, her two cats, and nature. She lets those inspirations become one in her work. She has an obsession with dragons, a love of the outdoors, and the need to explore all things art.

To find learn more about Katie and her art, you can visit the following sites: *CatPrint is not responsible for any content on external websites.*


For inquiries:




Cyber Week Schedule 2015

Every year, CatPrint not only celebrates Cyber Monday with great discounts, but we offer a whole entire CYBER WEEK!

Here is the schedule for this week for maximum savings:

Monday: 25% off

Tuesday: 20% off

Wednesday: 15% off

Thursday: Free 7 Day Delivery

Friday: Free 7 Day Delivery

Cyber Week Shedule

For today’s Cyber Week promo code, it is:


CatPrint Interview: Colleen Attara Studio with Colleen Attara

This month, CatPrint is excited to present the fourth installment in our Customer Q&A series. Artist and entrepreneur Colleen Attara spoke with us about her business, Colleen Attara Studio, and inspirations. Read her story below:

What does your business offer?unnamed

I have a line of greeting cards and prints. I am very good at tapping into feelings and truths that others feel. My cards are my stories. They are pieces of conversations and thoughts that go through my head. These stories become other people’s stories, too. My words are bridges between people expressing joy and sometimes sadness. I love creating cards that have the words others have been trying to say. I also teach people how to heal through altered book pages and I script words that are cut from salvaged material that I ship across the world as part of the One Little Word movement.

Could you describe your background and how you got into design?

I have been a full time artist for several years. I started out creating original three dimensional art created from repurposed business signs. I created small pieces for private collectors and then started working on larger commissions in public spaces. Prior to that I was pretty corporate and worked in television selling commercial airtime.

I launched my card line at the National Stationery Show in 2014. My card line is a lovely collaboration of everything I adore doing: photography, writing, painting, and reusing. This definitely is the truest work I have ever done.

How would you describe your style of design?

There is a nostalgic quality to my work. I love to reuse materials in different ways. I take my photographs, tear them, change the composition and then sew them back together again. I add in bits of found and collected ephemera and some little words to emphasis a part of my message. And colorful thread is a big part of my esthetic.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Everywhere! I have to pull over when I drive to write down thoughts that pop into my head. To write greeting cards, you are a student of everyday life and conversations. I am able to capture those basic moments and thoughts and get them on paper. My family and friends are big inspirations. Sometimes the words are there. Other times a picture is a huge inspiration.


Where are you located?

My studio is on a historic farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I create in a stone cottage dating back to the early 1800’s. It is where I play with paint, paper and ideas. My computer and printers are in my home studio. My cottage just has a coffee pot, a microwave and a typewriter.

What outlets do you use to sell your work?

I am in about 55 retail outlets across the country, such as bookstores, boutiques, mailing stores, and card stores. I license my designs as well.

How long have you been printing with CatPrint?

Since the very beginning. Working green and earth friendly is really important to me. I love the paper my cards are printed on. And I love the shipping cost and edible shipping peanuts that they use.

What is the biggest difficulty you’ve encountered in starting your own business?

I always looking to find the balance between the creative part of my work and the managerial part. I hire others to do the work that I do not feel passionate about, like the bookkeeping. But you need to be really organized before you can hand everything over. I am always balancing studio time with office time. I share an assistant with a close artist friend. That has been wonderful. I also have a design company who oversees my website, branding, and my shop. That really helps so much. And it keeps me in my studio more, where I want to be.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists looking to start their own business/sell their art?

Raise your hand high. Put yourself out there. Take risks. Use social media to connect and promote, but do not look at what everyone is doing and compare yourself to others. Show up often and just be the artist you are in your studio. Whenever I am doing a show, I am always attempting to bring my studio along with me. I move the furniture in. I show up as me and recreate the surroundings I am comfortable in. I support and love the art community around me, but I am not looking at their work for inspiration. I am always looking inward for my own inspiration.

I would also add that is very important to partner with people who share your values.

Where can people find more about your work?

My website is and all my cards, prints and eco-friendly art can be found there. There is also a list of stores in the U.S. on my site that carry my cards. I love Instagram and my studio is also on Facebook.