Planning a wedding? Don’t forget these wedding stationery essentials!

Whether you are newly engaged or you are planning to have a wedding, you do not want to miss every aspect of your wedding that you want to include! Planning a wedding can be super exciting but also overwhelming! CatPrint wants to help you define all of the following wedding printables that you may have heard of but aren’t sure of what they are, and can help you decide whether or not you need them!

Your wedding status: We just got engaged!

Engagement Party Invitations

CatPrint Engagement Party Invitation Design #428

Did you two just get engaged? What better way to celebrate the two of you getting engaged than with an engagement party to celebrate your engagement to each other! Send out engagement party invitations to your friends and family and have them celebrate with you before all of the wedding planning begins!

Your wedding status: We just picked our wedding date!

Save the Date Cards/Reminders
Wedding Save the Date Card CatPrint Design #240

Wedding Save the Date Card CatPrint Design #240

If you already picked your wedding date and general location, make sure to send out Save the Dates to your family and friends so that they reserve that special day for the two of you. This way, your friends and family won’t incidentally make vacation plans that overlap on your wedding day!


Wedding Save the Date Card #439

Added bonus: Use the professional engagement photographs in your Save the Dates so that your guests will see just how happy you two are!

Will you be my bridesmaid/groomsman?

Once you have figured out who will be in your wedding, send them that special invitation to ask them to be your bridesmaid or

Bridal Shower Invitations
Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #238

Wedding Bridal Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #238

A bridal shower originated as a gift giving event honoring the bride-to-be. But now, it is thought of more as a gift giving event for both the bride and groom-to-be! Make sure to send out bridal shower invitations to those people who are invited to the wedding!

Bridal Shower Thank Yous

CatPrint Thank You Card #495

Thank everyone who came to the bridal shower, especially if they gave you a gift! A thank you card is always much appreciated!

Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party Invitations

Bachelorette Party Invitation Design #403

Send out these invitations to your closest friends and family members for your bachelor and bachelorette parties!

Your wedding status:  We picked out our wedding venue!

Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Dinner Invitations

CatPrint Rehearsal Dinner Invitation #536

Rehearsal dinners and wedding dinners are usually held a few nights before the big wedding. Make sure to invite your family and friends to the dinner for a much more calm and relaxed setting to catch up with everyone before the big day!

The Wedding Invitation Suite

CatPrint gets a lot of questions about what a wedding invitation suite is supposed to consist of. Based on what we have seen from customers, this is what the wedding suite should typically include:

Outer Envelope/Inner Envelope

The outer envelope is for when you send out your entire wedding invitation suite to your guests.

The inner envelope originated from the fact that mail got really dirty in the old days! However, mail still gets pretty dirty so if you want to make sure that your invitations arrive nice and beautifully, then make the inner envelope your primary impression instead of the outer envelope.

Belly Band

This is used to hold all of your wedding suite items together! Take a look at our CatPrint Wedding Suite sample.

Wedding Invitation Card

CatPrint Wedding Invitation #384

This is the most important and should have the main details for the wedding!

Reception Card (if the reception is at a different location from the ceremony)

CatPrint Reception Card #150

If the location of the wedding reception is different from the ceremony, this is important to include so that your guests know where the wedding reception will be held!

Directions/Map card

Most of the time, not every guest that you have will be local, especially if it is a destination wedding! Make sure to include a directions or map card so that your guests know the location of your wedding beforehand, and (hopefully) they won’t get lost or show up late!

Response card & self addressed stamp envelope (courtesy)

Make sure that you include a Response (RSVP) Card in your wedding suite so that your guests can let you know that you are expecting. As an added bonus, make sure to also include a self addressed stamp envelope! Your guests will really appreciate it!

Hotel accommodations for guests

If you are expecting many guests from out of town, make sure that your guests know what are the best hotels closest to your wedding and/or wedding reception. Make sure to have some rooms blocked off at a local hotel! Sometimes hotels provide discounts for this as well, so be sure to take advantage of that so it benefits both you and your guests!

Welcome basket/treats tag (treats for the guests)

Most weddings have some sort of welcome treats for their guests, that usually come in a basket or bag. Make sure that they have some sort of custom wedding tag featuring your initials and wedding date!

Ceremony program

If your guests don’t know what is going on during the day, they might miss out on certain events during the wedding!

Pew cards/reserved seating cards

Pew cards, or reserved seating cards can be one of two things, depending on how you decide to seat your guests.

Table Card (number of the table)

If you have reserved seating, make sure to help your guests get to their table by giving them direction: place the table number on the table!

Escort Card (at the entrance of the reception, saying the guest’s name and the table number)

If you are having Table Cards placed, make sure that you also guide your guests from the very entrance of the reception! These are cards that you have at the entrance of the reception area, which says the guest’s name and the table number that your guest will be sitting for the reception.

Place Card (at the specific seat)

If you are having reserved seating with specific seating, make sure to have your place card there too!

Menu Cards

Make sure to let your guests know what is on the menu so that they aren’t surprised by what is served to them! It is especially useful so that guests can know what meal they can order beforehand.

Favor Tags

If you are giving your guests some fun favors, make sure that you have a favor tag on the item with some sort of personalized note.

Your wedding status: We are happily married!

Thank You Cards

CatPrint Thank You Card #270

Remember to thank everyone who attended your wedding with Thank You Cards!


CatPrint Thank You Card #278

Added bonus: Use the professional wedding photographs in your Thank You Cards!

If you have any questions regarding your order, you can always contact Customer Service by phone at 877-228-7768 or email CatPrint’s Customer Service Reps will always be happy to help you with your wedding printing!

Happy wedding planning!

International Shipping with CatPrint

CatPrint does offer International Shipping

CatPrint offers international shipping services. All international orders can be placed via our website. Our international shipping costs are determined by the size of the order and the turnaround time selected.

While we do provide tracking data for these orders, please note that there are no guaranteed delivery dates, and many international orders have an estimated delivery of 10-14 business days.

Meet our newest Foster Cat: Max

As you may or may not have heard, CatPrint loves having animals in the office!

On most days, we have the two boxer dogs, Coffee and Lily in the office.

Coffee and Lily

Coffee and Lily, CatPrint Dog Patrol

On other days, we have three office dogs with Nova!


Nova, Customer Service Rep

On a day where all the dogs get to come out to play work, we have four dogs with the addition of Harper!

Harper, Customer Service Dog

Harper, Interim Customer Service Manager

Now you can meet Max, our latest foster cat!

Max the Cat

Max the Cat

CatPrint is currently fostering Max for a local rescue group in Rochester, New York, called GRASP Inc.

What is Max’s story?

Max was born in 2002, which makes him 13 years young! Max was adopted by a nice elderly lady around Spring of 2014. They were a great match as both of them were seniors. However, as time went on, her health began declining and she could no longer properly take care of Max. He started to become stressed out, and the elderly lady and her family felt that it was best for Max to find a new home.

What is Max like?

Max arrived to GRASP declawed on all four paws. He loves to be petted and responds with sweet purrs!

What is GRASP?

You may have also heard about GRASP from as one of our monthly featured non-profit organization for our CatPrint Cares program! If you haven’t already, you can read our CatPrint Cares blog to learn more on how you can be both charitable and receive discounts on prints at the same time!

You can find more information about GRASP from their website at:

Printing Environmentally Friendly Wedding Suites & Invitations

As you already know, CatPrint makes every conscious effort to reduce our impact on the environment. CatPrint is a TerraPass White Badge Partner, and in August of 2014, we learned that we were able to recycle all of our shrink wrap! This led to a huge amount of reduced waste, even during a very busy season!

But our environmentally friendly green printing doesn’t end there. CatPrint has paper stocks that are completely 100% Post Consumer Recycled, and even paper that is completely made from cotton (no trees were involved)!

Paper Name Weight Environmentally Friendliness
Extra Heavy Card Stock Cream 130lb cover 100% Post Consumer Waste Recycled
Light Card Stock Cream 80lb cover 100% Post Consumer Waste Recycled
Heavy Card Stock Kraft

Heavy Card Stock Recycled

Heavy Card Stock 1 sided gloss

110lb cover 100% Post Consumer Waste Recycled
Heavy Card Stock CottonHeavy Card Stock Cream Cotton 110lb cover 100% Cotton (No trees were involved!)

CatPrint has noticed that more and more couples are beginning to look for an environmentally friendly online printer when choosing to print their wedding invitations and wedding suites. We know that choosing the greener printing option can sometimes be a little bit more expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way, especially not with CatPrint!

You might also be interested in variable data printing and envelope printing if you don’t want to have to write the same return address 100 times!

The following is just an example chart of what it may cost to print your 100% environmentally friendly wedding suite with CatPrint. Obviously, you can always further customize your prints, and those listed on the chart are only the most common wedding suite sizes that we see come in with no special finishing added, such as corner rounding or folding. The prices include the price of Kraft Envelopes where noted.

As always, you can build your custom quote instantly on our instant quote builder on the CatPrint site! The following were calculated with a quantity of 100!

Print Type Job Size 1 or 2 sided HC Cotton HC Recycled HC Kraft
Save the Date Postcard 4 x 6 2 $90.22 $57.06 $66.81
Save the Date with Kraft Envelopes 5 x 7 2 $113.13 $79.89 $89.64
Invitations with Kraft Envelopes 5 x 7 1 $93.57 $60.33 $70.08
RSVPs with Kraft Envelopes 5 x 3.5 1 $56.73 $41.95 $46.28
Small Inserts 5 x 3.5 1 $39.73 $24.95 $29.28
Large Inserts 4 x 5.5 1 $43.37 $26.72 $31.59
Thin Belly Bands 11 x 1.25 1 $32.72 $21.62 $24.87

Understanding the Differences Between Image File Types

JPG, PNG, PDF, AI, PSD, TIF, INDD: you have probably heard of at least one of these different image file types. But what are the differences among them all, and what is the best file type to submit to CatPrint to get the highest quality prints possible?

There are two fundamentally different types of files: VECTOR files (i.e. PDF and EPS) and RASTER files (everything else like JPG and PNG).

Vector files can contain bitmaps without any loss of information, but converting a vector into a raster image file will lose information. We will offer a brief rundown of each file type below:


JPG is an acronym for “Joint Photographic Experts Group.” JPGs are raster image files, which are an ideal option for website images.

Why are JPGs preferred for websites? This is because when you save image files as JPGs, the process discards information that is not needed for website viewing and even many forms of printing. As a result, JPGs are generally small in terms of file size, and will load quickly on websites.

However, because the file size is smaller, there is a common misconception that JPGs should not be used for printing. If saved properly in a professional graphic design program such as Photoshop, JPGs can be used for high quality digital printing.

JPGs are a great file option if you plan to print your designs through CatPrint.


PNG stands for “Portable Network Graphic.” PNGs are raster files like JPGs and are also commonly used for web based images. Unlike JPGs, PNGs can have transparent backgrounds and are generally higher quality, which means a larger file size. PNGs can also be saved at 300dpi for print use as well. CatPrint accepts PNG files.


A PDF, or “Portable Document format” is a vector image file. PDFs are the standard for electronic document exchange. PDFs appear on screen as they would if they were printed. PDFs can also contain multiple pages so it is handy if you are printing a multiple page job. Printing digitally from a PDF is ideal, and it is recommended for printing with CatPrint. However, be sure that your fonts are embedded and your files are flattened before submitting.


A “Tagged Image File” is a high quality raster image file. TIFs have no loss in quality, and as a result, often results in a large file. While CatPrint accepts TIF files, we generally consider them to be “overkill” for standard 300 DPI digital printing. Most people cannot tell the difference between a TIF or JPG when printed digitally at CatPrint.


An AI file is an “Adobe Illustrator” file which is commonly used for logo design and digital illustration.  AI files should be converted to flattened PDFs, with embedded fonts, as we cannot print from an AI file itself.


A PSD file or “Adobe Photoshop Document”  is a file created in Photoshop which allows designers to create and manipulate multiple text, image, shape, and gradient layers. Instead of submitting PSD files to CatPrint, we recommend that you flatten and save them as JPGs, and then submitting the JPGs to CatPrint.


INDD stands for “Adobe InDesign File.” INDD files are created in InDesign and are commonly used for page layouts. We recommend saving InDesign files as flattened PDFs with embedded fonts before submitting the PDFs to CatPrint.

So, what is the best option for submitting files to CatPrint?

If you are designing using a vector program (such as Illustrator or InkScape), you should send us your PDFs with embedded fonts and the appropriate flattening options on.

If you are starting with a photo, and using Photoshop or Gimp, send us a 300 DPI JPG, with q factor of at least 90. Just be sure that the original photos are both of high resolution and quality.

If you are using Photoshop but there are no photos involved in your work, you may want to consider using a vector program like Illustrator or Inkscape, the latter which is a free program similar to Illustrator. There is a learning curve, but most artists would agree that the switch is worthwhile.

CatPrint Cares Featured Group for July 2015: Camp Good Days

As you may have already known, CatPrint runs a program called CatPrint Cares!

CatPrint Cares is CatPrint’s way of showing that we care! During the first year of its inception in 2014, all of our featured groups for the month were local animal rescue groups. Because it was such a great success during the first year, we decided to open up the CatPrint Cares program to charitable organizations that our employees care about.

For this month’s Featured Charitable Organization, we are featuring Camp Good Days!

CatPrint Cares Camp Good Days

CatPrint Cares about Camp Good Days

How does CatPrint Cares work?

When you donate our Featured Charitable Organization of the month and email CatPrint a copy of your donation receipt, you will receive a 10% off coupon for your next order that you can you use whenever you would like. The coupon does not expire!

Ordering a Wedding Suite with CatPrint

Weddings are Expensive!

Each year, the total price of having a wedding only gets more and more expensive. Couples are trying to find every possible method to reduce the price of each individual item that contributes to their wedding costs.

One of the most common types of prints that we see incoming to CatPrint are wedding invitations! You shouldn’t have to break your wallet just to print your own custom wedding invitations. That is why so many people turn to CatPrint to print not only their wedding invitations, but also their entire wedding suite!

If you have read our previous post on the List of Most Common Wedding Suite Sizes that we see printed at CatPrint, then the information in the table may look familiar.

The following prices are all based on a quantity of 100, with some of our most common card stocks that we see couples printing on for their weddings! Envelope pricing has not been included in the the table pricing. You may be interested in learning more about variable data setup and printing on envelopes instead of having to hand write your return address 100 times!

Print Type Job Size Based on EHC Linen HC Kraft HC Shimmer
Save the Date Postcard 4 x 6 2 sided print $82.11 $66.81 $81.85
Save the Date Card 5 x 7 2 sided print $85.09 $69.64 $84.70
Invitations 5 x 7 1 sided print $65.52 $50.08 $65.13
RSVPs 5 x 3.5 1 sided print $36.17 $29.28 $35.98
Small Inserts 5 x 3.5 1 sided print $36.17 $29.28 $35.98
Large Inserts 4 x 5.5 1 sided print $39.37 $31.59 $39.13
Thin Belly Bands 11 x 1.25 1 sided print $32.72 $24.87 $29.90

CatPrint Walkthrough: Part Five – Envelopes

If you haven’t been following the CatPrint Walkthrough series, now is your chance to learn about the CatPrint Walkthrough Process!

In the first part, we talked about how Customer Service does the first step in the quality check on your files!

In the second part of the series, we talked about how a Production Specialist will make a second quality check and work with Customer Service to make sure any comments are noted.

In the third part, we talked about how we make daily Printing and Color Maintenance and the importance of doing that twice a day!

In our fourth part of the series, we talked about what finishing is and how finishing is done.

Now we can move on to the next part of the series where we will talk about how the ordering and printing process changes when you request for envelopes with your order!

If you placed an order with envelopes, the last step before packaging and shipping out your printing order is counting your envelopes and including them with your prints. If you are simply ordering blank envelopes to match with your prints, the process is simple: we just count your envelopes, shrink-wrap and label them with your order number, and then send them to packaging and shipping area.

If you had elected for printed envelopes, we process the order much like we do for your prints, but we use a specific envelope printer to print onto your envelopes. We prepress your file, send the file to the printer, count out the envelopes, and then print the file right onto the envelope. The process takes a little extra diligence and monitoring to make sure that the image file is properly aligned and centered onto the envelope the way that you would want them to be. After the printing is complete, the envelopes are counted again to make sure that the correct number of envelopes will be shipped out to you.

Want to be charitable & receive discounts on prints at the same time?

Want discounts on prints? Try the CatPrint Cares Charitable Donation Discount Program!

In 2014, CatPrint started a charitable donation and discount program called CatPrint Cares.

CatPrint Cares is our way of showing that we care about nonprofits and charitable organizations.

When we first launched the CatPrint Cares Program, our main focus was on nonprofit animal rescue groups. Thanks to all of our animal loving customers, we were able to make CatPrint Cares a very successful program. We were able to raise hundreds of dollars for local animal shelters and rescue groups in Rochester, New York thanks to individuals like you.

How does CatPrint Cares work?

CatPrint Cares is a simple discount program.

Each month, CatPrint has a featured local organization which you can find in the monthly newsletter or at When you donate to that featured local organization during that month, and email CatPrint your donation receipt, you will receive a 10% off coupon.

CatPrint Cares

CatPrint Cares Program

What are some previous organizations that have been a part of the CatPrint Cares Program?

Big Dogs Big Hearts


Location: Ionia, New York

Camp Good Days


Location: Mendon, New York

Going to the Dogs Rescue


Location: Perry, New York

GRASP (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets)


Location: Rochester, New York

Nuts for Mutts


Location: Rochester, New York

Pet Adoption Network


Location: Rochester, New York

Pitty Love Rescue


Location: Rochester, New York

Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions


Location: Rochester, New York



Location: Rochester, New York

CatPrint Walkthrough – Part Four: Cutting and Finishing

If you have followed our CatPrint Walkthrough, this is the fourth part of the series.

This is where we will be talking about how the Finishing Process is completed! Finishing includes all types of things, including cutting down your prints, corner rounding, and binding. Read on to find out more!

If you have not been following the CatPrint Walkthrough series, you might want to learn about Customer Service Pre-Press, Production Pre-Press, and Printing & Color Maintenance before reading on!

Cutting & Finishing Process

After your files print from the Xerox iGen 4, the prints go through the finishing step of the print production process. This is the part of the process where we actually “make” the prints. We have a multitude of finishing options which you can find on our site!

After the job prints onto a 12″ x 18″ sheet, the prints are cut down to its finished size on one of our two guillotine cutters. Easy, right?

If the job requires additional finishing, the prints get sorted onto a designated cart to move onto the next requested finishing option. The CatPrinter at the finishing station will then look at the job ticket to determine what finishing option was ordered.

Our additional finishing options include corner rounding, creasing and folding, spiral or coil binding, stapled booklets, pocket folders and limited custom die cutting. Most of our finishing process is completed by hand as very few of our machines are fully automated.

If the job does not need any additional finishing services, it will be sorted by the scheduled shipping day and onto the shipping cart.