CatPrint October Artist of the Month: Ainsley Yeager

For the month of October, our Featured CatPrint Artist of the Month is Ainsley Yeager. All comic art, anime, and illustration orders that are placed during the month of October will include a free 8.5″ x 11″ print of “Pawsome Orangement” printed on our premium Heavy Card Stock – Felt!

You can learn more Ainsley Yeager from the following sites listed. Please be reminded that CatPrint is not responsible for any external content.





Pawsome Orangement - Ainsley Yeager

Pawsome Orangement by Ainsley Yeager

CatPrint Interview: Paper Traveler with Beverly Jones

Continuing with the 3rd installment this year of our Customer Q&A series, we recently spoke with Beverly Jones, owner of Paper Traveler ( to discuss her greeting card business, design style, and inspiration. Check out the interview below:

What does your business offer?

I design greeting cards which fall into three collections, a collage collection, a vintage envelope collection, and a photograph collection.

I love arranging handmade papers and vintage envelopes, and have fun snapping photos, whether I’m out for a neighborhood morning walk, or a trip around the world.


Could you describe your background and how you got into design?

I’m self taught. I’ve collaged since kindergarten, and I’ve had loads of fun wandering around with my camera, a gift from my boyfriend. Over time, playing with design has become more formal and focused. I also used to be a buyer for a card and gift store; the designers I ordered from were my inspiration for becoming a creative artist on a professional level.

When did you create your first Paper Traveler design?

I created the first cards I felt comfortable about showing to strangers in 2003, and took them to Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. where I sold a few. It took several years for me to get to the next level, though. I started testing new designs in 2012, in the store I managed, and finally released them out into the wide world in 2013.


How would you describe your design style?

Many of my designs are nature inspired, whether I’m collaging with floral prints and subtle Japanese papers, or photographing pretty flowers or plants. My vintage notecards evoke nostalgia. Each time I pick up an old envelope I think of the connection between the sender and the receiver of the letter, and try to evoke an equally strong feeling for today’s shopper as I work with the design on my computer.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Almost every day I go for a morning walk, and when I do, nature, words scrawled in chalk on the sidewalk, and the street art I see all speak to me. I also love going to vintage malls and flea markets to find old, interesting envelopes. Other designers and small business owners are all around to encourage me, and help me to believe in my art and myself.


Where are you located?

I’m located in Reston, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C.

What outlets do you use to sell your work?

So far, my cards are sold online, in bookstores, hardware stores, tabletop stores, card shops and boutiques, museum shops, and party supply stores. I’m excited to see what other venues are available, too, and I enjoy connecting with other small business owners to see if I can provide new products for their stores and companies.

How long have you been printing with CatPrint?

CatPrint has been my printer since late 2013. I love the flexibility that I have with CatPrint to do small print runs, especially as a micro business owner. CatPrint’s quality is consistently excellent, and I love the working relationship that we have.


What is the biggest difficulty you’ve encountered in starting your own business?

I didn’t realize how big this issue was for me, but actually believing in myself was extremely difficult for a long time. There were days — and sometimes weeks — when my attitude really crippled me, and I was unable to move forward to build my business. I finally realized that I had to give myself permission to grow my company, rather than make excuses and wither and die. I’m sure I’ll still have times like that, but I think I’m over the biggest self-confidence hurdle, and can now focus on other challenges, like cash flow!


Do you have any advice for artists looking to start their own business?

  • Believe in yourself. 🙂
  • Hire a coach, if you can, to help you focus on your next steps.
  • Join an artist group/community on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media, for encouragement and support.
  • Find multiple ways to sell your art.
  • Continue to look for joy and inspiration in everything you do – it will carry over into your work, and it’ll help you to feel great!


Check out Beverly’s work online at:

Twitter: @papertraveler

Facebook: Beverly Jones, Paper Traveler

Pinterest: papertraveler

Instagram: @papertraveler

Meet our new foster cat: Marilyn Monroe!

Meet our newest CatPrint foster cat, Marilyn Monroe!

Foster Cat Marilyn Monroe

Foster Cat Marilyn Monroe – what a beauty!

Last week, our previous foster cat Max found his forever home. The next day, we received Marilyn Monroe!

She is a very pretty 5 month old kitten who absolutely loves to play.

Marilyn Monroe with Friends

Marilyn Monroe with Friends

Surprisingly enough, she gets along with the two office boxer dogs, Coffee and Lily!

And when she is all tired out from playing, she loves to cuddle.

Marilyn Monroe Sleeping

Marilyn Monroe having her beauty rest

If you would like to find out more on how you can adopt Marilyn Monroe, you can visit GRASP’s website.

New York Comic Con is coming!

New York Comic Con 2015 is only about a month away!

New York Comic Con (NYCC) is listed on Big Fish Game’s blog as one of the 17 conventions that you must attend before you die!

NYCC started in 2006 and has grown bigger each year. It is currently one of the largest annual comic conventions on the East Coast today! Since its starting year, NYCC has grown 4.5 times in attendance!

NYCC is now the combination of anime and comics! Before 2010, the anime portion of NYCC was a different event called New York Anime Festival hosted by ReedPOP!

Year Attendance
2006 33,000
2007 49,000
2008 64,000
2009 77,000
2010 96,000
2011 105,000
2012 116,000
2013 133,000
2014 151,000

CatPrint will be attending the New York Comic Con this year for Thursday’s and Friday’s festivities! If you see a CatPrinter walking around, make sure to say hi so we can snap a photo with you (if you allow us of course).


CatPrint is also doing a special giveaway! If you don’t have tickets to NYCC, visit to find out how to win TWO NYCC Friday Tickets!

Will you be attending New York Comic Con? CatPrint wants to know!

Upcoming Convention Dates

There are only a few months left for 2015. If you were looking for a place to remind you of all of the convention dates near you, here is a list that you can hold onto. The convention dates are listed in order of location instead of by date in which they occur, so make sure to take note of the ones that are closest to you that you may want to attend!

October 2015

Name Start Date Location
Rose City Anime Festival 10/18/2015 Alberta
Protoculture Con 10/4/2015 CA
Sac-Con 10/25/2015 CA
Animate! Miami 10/23/2015 FL
Animate! Miami 10/23/2015 FL
Mizucon 10/2/2015 FL
WasabiCon 10/31/2015 FL
Anime Ohana 10/9/2015 HI
Anime Getaway St. Louis 10/10/2015 IL
CONtraflow/DeepSouthCon 10/2/2015 LA
YoumaCon 10/29/2015 MI
Anime Fusion 10/16/2015 MN
PokeCon 10/24/2015 MN
Another Anime Convention 10/16/2015 NH
Great Basin Geek Con 10/17/2015 NV
SNAFU Con 10/30/2015 NV
Kabochacon 10/23/2015 OH
NyanCon 10/3/2015 OH
Izumicon 10/30/2015 OK
Pittsburgh Comic & Collectibles Show 10/24/2015 PA
Banzaicon 10/30/2015 SC
Omega Expo 10/2/2015 TX
Oni-Con 10/30/2015 TX
Realms Con 10/2/2015 TX
Anime Banzai 10/16/2015 UT
Bakuretsu Con 10/30/2015 VT
Aki Con 10/30/2015 WA
Anime USA 10/30/2015 Washington DC
Titletown Comic and Entertainment Expo 10/2/2015 WI
Tsubasacon 10/9/2015 WV

November 2015

Name Start Date State
Hamacon Minicon 11/14/2015 AL
Kikori Con 11/6/2015 AZ
Campbell Con 11/7/2015 CA
ANIME SOUTH 11/20/2015 FL
FANdom Con 11/6/2015 FL
ShadoCon 11/6/2015 FL
NerdaCon 11/6/2015 GA
Anime Matsure Hawaii 11/27/2015 HI
Wizard World Louisville 11/6/2015 KY
Animaine 11/13/2015 ME
GeekFest Montreal 11/7/2015 Quebec
Anime NebrasKon 11/6/2015 NE
Philcon 11/20/2015 NJ
Yushi-Con 11/7/2015 PA
Anime North Texas 11/20/2015 TX
Nekocon 11/6/2015 VA
Daisho Con 11/20/2015 WI

December 2015

Name Start Date State
Lost in Fandom 12/13/2015 CA
Akihabara Expo 12/18/2015 CA
Holiday Matsuri 12/18/2015 FL
Con+Alt+Delete 12/18/2015 IL
Geekonomicon 12/11/2015 MS
DerpyCon 12/4/2015 NJ
TAG Fest 12/5/2015 OH
Sangawa Project 12/4/2015 PA
Yama-Con 12/4/2015 TN

CatPrint September Artist of the Month: Eikuu Hyo

Eikuu Hyo is our Artist of the Month for September. With every comic, anime, and illustration orders placed in September, a complimentary 8.5″ x 11″ print of her piece “Sourpuss” will be included! You can find more of her work at

"Sourpuss" by Eikuu Hyo

“Sourpuss” by Eikuu Hyo


Calibrating your monitor with CatPrint

There is always going to be some color disparity between the image on your screen and the prints that you receive. But there is a way that you can reduce this color disparity. Calibrating your monitor may sound like a scary term, but it doesn’t have to be! You will grateful that you did it, and we are going to tell you how you can calibrate your monitor with CatPrint!

What does it mean to calibrate my monitor?

Calibrating your monitor with CatPrint means that you change the settings of your monitor screen so that the colors that you see on your monitor will be as close as possible to what the colors on your prints will look like. Most people don’t realize that the colors they see on their monitor screen may not end up looking like the colors on the prints.

How do I calibrate my monitor with CatPrint?

The first step you need to do is email and request for a free calibration print to be mailed to you at no cost!

After you receive your free calibration print in the mail, you need to download the image file located here.

You will also need to download QuickGamma, which is a free program that you will be using in order to adjust the gamma on your monitor. You can download it for free at the QuickGamma website, located at Please be advised that CatPrint is not responsible for any content on external third party websites.

Now you need to make sure that the following are true for your monitor:

Make sure that the screen resolution is set to the highest resolution possible.

Your monitor needs to be set to at least 24bit color or higher.

If you just turned on your computer screen, make sure that your monitor has been on and warmed up for at least 15 minutes.

When starting the calibration process, make sure that there is no glare or direct light on the screen as this can cause even more color disparity than we actually want.

Open up the image file that you downloaded from the CatPrint website and hold the calibration print next to your screen. Open up QuickGamma and adjust the monitor gamma until the file on the screen closely resembles the calibration print. Save the changes that you made on QuickGamma and exit!

Congratulations! You have now calibrated your monitor with CatPrint!

After your monitor is calibrated, the colors in your design files should appear more true to how the files will print on CatPrint’s machinery. CatPrint recommends that you do the monitor calibration at least once a month.

TED Talk Tuesday: How to use a paper towel


If you didn’t already know, CatPrint cares about the environment, and we do our best to reduce the waste we use everyday. One of the major things that we use in our daily lives is the paper towel! In this TED Talk, Joe Smith talks about a neat trick that we can all do to reduce the amount of paper towels that we use after we wash our hands. Ultimately, that saves everyone money!

Joe Smith is an activist who lives in Oregon. He formerly served as the chair for the Oregon Democratic Party and District Attorney for Umatilla County. He is a definitely a proponent for the reduced use of paper towels!

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Recap

Last week, CatPrint celebrated the annual 2015 Spirit Week! CatPrint always takes your prints seriously, but during Spirit Week, we like to have a little more fun than usual while working. Check out our creativity and craziness!

Monday: Crazy Hair Day

What better way to start off a Monday than with crazy hair?! Check out the different styles above. Which hairstyle did you think was the “craziest”?

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Crazy Hair Day

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015: Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday: Decade Day

Tuesday was “Dress like your favorite decade” Day. Which was your favorite decade & which was your favorite decade outfit?

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Decade Day

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015: Dress like your favorite Decade Day

Wednesday: CatPrint or Cat Shirt Day!

A CatPrint Spirit Week wouldn’t be complete without wearing a cat themed or CatPrint shirt to work!

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Cat Shirt Day

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015: CatPrint or Cat Shirt Day

Thursday: CatPrint Christmas!

Who says Christmas is only in December? We decided to celebrate Christmas a few months earlier this year in August!

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Christmas

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015: Christmas Day

Friday: CMYK Day

CatPrint Spirit Week was complete this year with CMYK Day! This year, CatPrint decided to dress up in CMYK colors according to Department:

Cyan: Production Department

Magenta: Executive Team

Yellow: Customer Service

K (Black): R&D

Which was your favorite color themed outfit for CMYK day?

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 CMYK Day


Template Gallery: Baby Shower Invitations

Are you planning out your baby shower? Make sure to send out your baby shower invitations a good amount of time in advance so that you know how many guests you will be expecting! CatPrint’s Template Gallery holds a large amount of baby shower invitations that you can easily customize so that you don’t have to do the work all by yourself! All you need to do is input your own details for the party and wait for your invitations to be delivered by our guaranteed delivery date!

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #124

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #124

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #262

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #262

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #264

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #264

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #265

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #265

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #285

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #285

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #355

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #355

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #356

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #356

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #391

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #391

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #398

Baby Shower Invitation CatPrint Design #398