Struggling to send a Holiday Card this year?

The winter holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for everyone. From hosting parties to last-minute gift shopping, it is no wonder that some may feel they do not have the time to send holiday cards to their family and friends!

This year, CatPrint is refunding Template Gallery prints worth up to $100 for a limited time only! This means that you can order any of our customizable designs in our Template Gallery and get it free! For details on how you can receive the prints for free, visit the official contest page.

Gold Foil Printing on Art Poster Prints

If you haven’t already heard the great news, CatPrint offers gold foil on your prints! So what are some ways that you can take advantage of gold foil printing on your prints?

CatPrint prints all type of prints, including anime, comic, and other art illustrations! You already know about our special pricing for 1-sided 11″ x 17″ and 12″ x 18″ poster prints:

For only $0.65 per poster print on:

  • Light Card Stock – Gloss
  • Light Card Stock – Matte

For only $0.75 per poster print on:

  • Heavy Card Stock – Gloss
  • Heavy Card Stock – Matte

For only $0.85 per poster print on:

  • Extra Heavy Card Stock – Gloss
  • Extra Heavy Card Stock – Matte

Now you can also include gold foil onto your art & illustration prints as well, which means that each 1-sided poster print would be:

  • $1.15 on Light Card Stock – Gloss or Matte
  • $1.25 on Heavy Card Stock – Gloss or Matte
  • $1.35 on Extra Heavy Card Stock – Gloss or Matte

You can use these as your premium editions of your most popular prints!

If you need the setup guide for gold foil prints, please take a look at our help page located here. Please be reminded that we currently only accept gold foil print orders by email only!

CatPrint November Artist of the Month: Joy Kim

Our Featured CatPrint Artist of the Month for November is Joy Kim! All comic art, anime, and illustration orders that are placed during the month of November will include a free 8.5″ x 11″ print of “Poke Cat Cafe” printed on our premium 100lb Heavy Card Stock Felt.

You can learn more about Joy Kim at! Please be reminded that CatPrint is not responsible for any external content.


Joy Kim - Poke Cat Cafe

Joy Kim – Poke Cat Cafe

Describe That Paper!

We know that picking the best paper for your project can be hard when there are over 30 stocks to choose from, and not everyone always has time to wait for our free sample booklet. So, we have interviewed various CatPrint employees to review some of our most popular stocks and describe how they look, feel, and what they resemble to create this handy new chart!

Paper Chart

Click the image to view it in a bigger size!

Click the Chart to Zoom in.

But what about the cream stocks?! The cream stocks have significant variance in terms of the cream color between stocks, and the difference can be hard to explain in words, a sample booklet is highly recommended if you are interested in a cream paper option.

NYC Comic Con 2015 ReCap!

Earlier this month, the CatPrint Comic Con Team partook in our 5th annual visit to New York City Comic Con!  We have gone on the five and a half hour trip every year to meet old and new comic art customers.

This year, the CatPrint Comic Con Team comprised of Production Lead, Nate and Customer Service Reps, Matt and Eileen. We left at 8am on Wednesday morning to begin our trip.  On our drive down we stopped in Pennsylvania to fuel up at Moe’s Southwest Grill.  There is an ongoing burrito shop debate amongst CatPrinters on which is better: Moe’s Southwest Grill or Chipotle Mexican Grill.  While some compromises had to be made that day, we can all agree that burritos overall are awesome.

After lunch we continued our trip to Union City, New Jersey.  This is where we would be staying for the trip, which is about a 20 minute bus ride to Manhattan.  We took a quick trip into the city to visit the famous Midtown Comics and Times Square H&M (a CatPrint favorite).  Afterwards we called it an early night to get ready for a busy day on Thursday.


Home base for the weekend! (excuse the mess)

For anyone who hasn’t been to NYCC, it is a fascinating sight to see.  Fans from all over come to bond over their love of fiction, costume design, and all things nerdy.  Cosplaying is very popular: this is when fans dress up as their favorite fictional characters.  We had a great time appreciating the work put into some outfits.

Some characters we met!

Some characters we met!

Once at the convention, our first goal was to greet all of our current customers with goodie bags of snacks and CatPrint flare.  Check out some of the swag we printed for our customers this year!


When CatPrint meets ComicCon

Finding our current customers was no easy feat.  We had to navigate the show room known as Artist Alley.  This area is filled with up and coming artists of all backgrounds and styles.  You can spend a whole day here alone admiring the talent.


The bustling Artist Alley!

After greeting current customers we set off to find new artists to learn if they were familiar with CatPrint and our services.  Our main goal of attending these events is to receive feedback on what services we offer work and what we need to improve on.  It’s interesting to see how trends can vary year to year and this helps us determine our future offerings!

After a long day circulating the Javits Center we headed to NYC’s Barcade in Manhattan to set up for our second annual customer appreciation event.  This is the fun part of our trip when we get to treat our customers with food, drinks, and vintage arcade games.  Some of us CatPrinters learned that that classic arcade games are a lot harder than they seem! Our good friends Javier Winnik, Eugene Commodore, and the Gaunted Photography Team played like pros.


Matt and Eileen with some of our customers!

On Friday, we headed back to Manhattan once more to explore the Convention to see where our printing services may be useful.  This also gave us the opportunity to meet some of our friends, like Clutter Magazine, on the Exhibition Floor!  It is safe to say that we all took some time to stock up on designer toys, comics, and artwork.  Look at how cool their merch is!


The Clutter Booth

When the day came to a close, we said goodbye to the great people we met, and the amazing show we had the privilege to experience.  Nate and Eileen left New Jersey on Saturday with goals of coffee and more burritos in mind while Matt used the rest of his weekend to meet with friends in the area and explore Central Park for the first time.

CatPrint makes this trip every year because we believe it is very important to create strong and lasting relationships with customers.  We have found that there is no better way to do this than by meeting them in person!  We love working with such talented people. Thank you again for all of the kindness and enthusiasm we received while attending the show and for making our job so fun!

Is everyone ready for Batman v Superman?

Is everyone ready for Batman v Superman?

Gold Foil Printing is now offered by CatPrint!

If you have not heard yet, CatPrint now offers gold foil printing!

You can now print your wedding invitations, business cards, and other prints with gold foil!

How to Order Gold Foil Printing

CatPrint currently only accepts gold foil printing orders through email.

Email in your order to with your job specifications which includes:

  • Job Size dimensions
  • # of Pages in job
  • Quantity
  • Imaging (Front/Back)
  • Full Bleed/No bleed
  • Finishing (optional)

You will then need to provide two files:

  1. Gold Foil: One file showing only the gold foil layer that will be on your design like the following image. Make sure that you include the word “foil” in your filename to prevent confusion!

    Gold Foil Layer

    Gold Foil Layer

  2. Non-Foil: You then need to provide a second file showing only the non-foil layer in your design:

    Toner Layer

    Toner Layer

What is the result?

Gold foil invitations

Ending result of gold foil invitations!

What is the cost of gold foil printing?

The cost is an extra $0.50 per side of a piece with an extended turnaround time of up to 10 business days.

We highly recommend a hard copy proof when ordering gold foil prints.

What papers can be used for gold foil printing?

Gold foil printing is only available for the following stocks:

  • Extra Heavy Cardstock Matte
  • Extra Heavy Cardstock Gloss
  • Heavy Cardstock Matte
  • Heavy Cardstock Gloss
  • Heavy Cardstock Shimmer
  • Heavy Cardstock Cream Shimmer
  • Heavy Cardstock Kraft
  • Heavy Cardstock 1 Sided Matte
  • Heavy Cardstock 1 Sided Gloss
  • Light Cardstock Matte
  • Light Cardstock Gloss

CatPrint Holiday Giveaway!

CatPrint is starting the holiday season early this year, so we are giving away 100 Template Gallery Orders for free!

If you are interested in learning about how you can participate in this giveaway, you can visit

Now Accepting Artists of the Month for 2016!

Calling all artists!

CatPrint is currently accepting Artists of the Month for 2016!

If you are an artist who prints (or has printed) with CatPrint, we want to feature you! We currently have 7 slots left for 2016!

What does it mean to be the CatPrint Artist of the Month?

Each month, CatPrint features an artist who prints with CatPrint on one of our premium card stocks. Card stocks that were used for prints in the past include:

  • Extra Heavy Card Stock – Linen
  • Heavy Card Stock – Cotton
  • Heavy Card Stock – Felt
  • Heavy Card Stock – Kraft
  • Heavy Card Stock – Shimmer

Your cat themed artwork become an 8.5″ x 11″ print that will be included with every comic art and illustration order (except blind ship orders) during that month.

What are the benefits to you as an artist?

We are providing you complimentary exposure to the comic & illustration community! We will ask you to give us a mini-bio about you as an artist, what inspires you, as well as any type of social media or website URLs that you would like to include.

How can you get started and find out more information?

Make sure to email to find out more information about becoming a featured CatPrint Artist of the Month.

To view previous CatPrint Artists of the Month, please click here.

CatPrint now offers Magnets!

As part of the many new products and services that CatPrint has launched this year, we now offer Magnets!

That’s right: you can now print your very own custom designs on magnets!

Ideas to print on magnets:

  • Save the Date Magnets
  • Business Card/Promotional Branding Magnets
  • Birth Announcement Magnets
  • Birthday Party Magnets
  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Reminder Magnets
  • Holiday Greetings Magnets

The largest custom size that CatPrint offers is: 12″ x 18″ no bleed or 11 1/2″ x 17 1/2″ full bleed.

The smallest magnet that CatPrint offers is 2″ x 2″.


New Holiday Template Designs

The holiday season is starting at CatPrint, so we decided to add new holiday template designs in the Template Gallery!

Here are just a few examples of some of the designs that are available for you to customize:

CatPrint Design #687

CatPrint Design #687

CatPrint Design #677

CatPrint Design #677

CatPrint Design #606

CatPrint Design #606

CatPrint Design #678

CatPrint Design #678

CatPrint Design #665

CatPrint Design #665

CatPrint Design #633

CatPrint Design #633

CatPrint Design #580

CatPrint Design #580

CatPrint Design #608

CatPrint Design #608

CatPrint Design #596

CatPrint Design #596

CatPrint Design #640

CatPrint Design #640