Gold Foil Printing is now offered by CatPrint!

If you have not heard yet, CatPrint now offers gold foil printing!

You can now print your wedding invitations, business cards, and other prints with gold foil!

How to Order Gold Foil Printing

CatPrint currently only accepts gold foil printing orders through email.

Email in your order to with your job specifications which includes:

  • Job Size dimensions
  • # of Pages in job
  • Quantity
  • Imaging (Front/Back)
  • Full Bleed/No bleed
  • Finishing (optional)

You will then need to provide two files:

  1. Gold Foil: One file showing only the gold foil layer that will be on your design like the following image. Make sure that you include the word “foil” in your filename to prevent confusion!

    Gold Foil Layer

    Gold Foil Layer

  2. Non-Foil: You then need to provide a second file showing only the non-foil layer in your design:

    Toner Layer

    Toner Layer

What is the result?

Gold foil invitations

Ending result of gold foil invitations!

What is the cost of gold foil printing?

The cost is an extra $0.50 per side of a piece with an extended turnaround time of up to 10 business days.

We highly recommend a hard copy proof when ordering gold foil prints.

What papers can be used for gold foil printing?

Gold foil printing is only available for the following stocks:

  • Extra Heavy Cardstock Matte
  • Extra Heavy Cardstock Gloss
  • Heavy Cardstock Matte
  • Heavy Cardstock Gloss
  • Heavy Cardstock Shimmer
  • Heavy Cardstock Cream Shimmer
  • Heavy Cardstock Kraft
  • Heavy Cardstock 1 Sided Matte
  • Heavy Cardstock 1 Sided Gloss
  • Light Cardstock Matte
  • Light Cardstock Gloss

CatPrint is a boutique color printing company offering premium short run printing via the internet. When founded in 2004, the company was operated out of the owner's basement. Today, CatPrint has expanded into a cutting-edge web establishment, employing a team of workers with expertise in the fields of graphic design, productions and customer service. We also guarantee the use of the largest and most innovative digital presses available to us. Throughout our development, we strive to remain a customer-conscious organization, always trying to offer the most satisfying printing experience. Remember, our main concern is always you – the customer!

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6 comments on “Gold Foil Printing is now offered by CatPrint!
  1. Kim says:

    This is great to know! Very exciting! Is there a way to get samples of the foil printing? Thanks!


  2. CatPrint says:

    Hi Kim, We’re excited too! Send me an email to and I’ll get a sample out to you.


  3. Sharon says:

    I’ve heard great reviews about Catprint, and was excited to try out the foil printing. Eileen has been extremely nice, but I placed my order on Feb. 11 and have yet to receive it. A week ago Eileen followed-up to let me know the order (4 proofs) still wasn’t ready. She said when it was sent, I would not be charged because of the delay (very nice, thanks!) But she also wrote that “Gold foil not being on the site does at times delay the order process.” I was hoping to use Catprint in my business, however I doubt any of my clients would be willing to wait over a month for printing. I sure do like what you have to offer, and your customer service has been terrific, but does 30+ days to ship an order happen a lot?


  4. Sharon Henry says:

    Hello, I received an email on Feb. 11 saying my foil orders were shipped, but as of March 13, I still haven’t received them, and hasn’t responded to my email. Have you stopped offering the gold foil printing? Thanks!


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