CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Recap

Last week, CatPrint celebrated the annual 2015 Spirit Week! CatPrint always takes your prints seriously, but during Spirit Week, we like to have a little more fun than usual while working. Check out our creativity and craziness!

Monday: Crazy Hair Day

What better way to start off a Monday than with crazy hair?! Check out the different styles above. Which hairstyle did you think was the “craziest”?

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Crazy Hair Day

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015: Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday: Decade Day

Tuesday was “Dress like your favorite decade” Day. Which was your favorite decade & which was your favorite decade outfit?

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Decade Day

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015: Dress like your favorite Decade Day

Wednesday: CatPrint or Cat Shirt Day!

A CatPrint Spirit Week wouldn’t be complete without wearing a cat themed or CatPrint shirt to work!

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Cat Shirt Day

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015: CatPrint or Cat Shirt Day

Thursday: CatPrint Christmas!

Who says Christmas is only in December? We decided to celebrate Christmas a few months earlier this year in August!

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 Christmas

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015: Christmas Day

Friday: CMYK Day

CatPrint Spirit Week was complete this year with CMYK Day! This year, CatPrint decided to dress up in CMYK colors according to Department:

Cyan: Production Department

Magenta: Executive Team

Yellow: Customer Service

K (Black): R&D

Which was your favorite color themed outfit for CMYK day?

CatPrint Spirit Week 2015 CMYK Day


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