Ordering Stickers and Labels with CatPrint

We find that customers are surprised when they learn that CatPrint prints die cut stickers and labels! So here are some questions you might have if it is going to be your first time ordering stickers/labels.

What is the difference between stickers and labels?

There is no difference! We use these terms interchangeably because people print adhesive items for different reasons.

What is a die cut sticker?

This means that you provide the shape(die line) of the sticker! You can print stickers in just about any shape or size, as long as you provide the die line!

What files does CatPrint need in order to print custom die cut stickers & labels?

CatPrint needs three different files from you. Make sure that each of the three files is in PDF format!

File 1: This should be a PDF file with both your design and the die line. See Figure 1, File 1 for an example of a file with the art and die line together!

File 2: This should be a PDF file with your design only. See Figure 1, File 2 for an example.

Multi-File Design: If you are providing multiple pages because each sticker/label is different then only this second file needs to have multiple designs. See Figure 2 for an illustrative example!

Sticker Files
FIGURE 1 – File 1: Art & Die Line combined | File 2: Artwork Only | File 3: Die Line Only

Multi File sticker
FIGURE 2 – Multi File Sticker

File 3: This should be a PDF file with the die line only. See Figure 1, File 3!

1 8 inch bleed
Figure 3 – 1/8″ Bleed

IMPORTANT: Make sure that your artwork extends 1/8″ beyond the die line! See Figure 3!

How much does it cost to order stickers and labels?

The cost depends on the maximum height and width of your die line. So the larger your sticker, the more it will cost!

What uses are there for stickers and labels?

There are many different uses for stickers and labels. Here just a few tips on what you can use stickers for!

Advertising: You can use stickers for branding, marketing, and promotions! Whether you are a school or business, people love to place stickers all over the place. Stickers generate curiosity and can drive interest towards your brand!

Gift Labels: Save time during gift-giving events by already having pre-printed customized gift labels! This is especially useful for gift giving holidays like Christmas.

Parties: You can use stickers as part of your custom party favors! Stick them onto jars, bottles, water bottles, and other party favors that you plan to give out to keep your party theme going!

Return Address labels: You can print your own return address labels so you would never have to write your return address ever again!

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