Upcoming Convention Dates

If you need a place for upcoming convention dates, here is a list of upcoming convention dates sorted by Month and Location!

August 2015

Name Start Date Location
Animethon 8/7/2015 Alberta
AniRevo 8/14/2015 British Columbia
Anime Revolution 8/14/2015 British Columbia
Stockton-Con 8/8/2015 CA
Anime California 8/28/2015 CA
Dover Comic Con 8/8/2015 DE
Orlando Nerd Fest 8/6/2015 FL
Pensacola Comic Convention 8/8/2015 FL
Anime Festival Orlando 8/14/2015 FL
Anime Festival Orlando 8/14/2015 FL
Fandemonium 8/14/2015 ID
Anime World Expos 8/28/2015 IL
Fandomfest 8/7/2015 KY
Kentokyocon 8/28/2015 KY
Intervention 8/14/2015 MD
Go! Daiko-Con 8/7/2015 MI
S.S. Kaizoku Con 8/15/2015 MI
Gateway Geek Fest 8/28/2015 MO
Cosplay America 8/9/2015 NC
Anibash 8/8/2015 NY
LI-Con 8/14/2015 NY
Liberty City Anime Con 8/28/2015 NY
Waku Waku +NYC 8/29/2015 NY
Matsuricon 8/14/2015 OH
Glass City Con 8/29/2015 OH
OtakuHoma 8/16/2015 OK
Emiko’s Mini Convention 8/7/2015 Ontario
Kita-Kon 8/21/2015 Ontario
CoTiCon 8/22/2015 Ontario
SaikouCon 8/28/2015 PA
Otakuthon 8/7/2015 Quebec
KantaiCon 8/21/2015 SC
Akaicon 8/7/2015 TN
Texas ComiCon 8/7/2015 TX
Anime Overload 8/14/2015 TX
Delta H Con 8/28/2015 TX
Auto Assembly 8/21/2015 UK
G.A.M. Convention 8/15/2015 UT
OmegaCon 8/28/2015 VA
Idol Matsuri 8/14/2015 WA
Polcon 8/21/2015 Warsaw, Poland
Geek.Kon 8/21/2015 WI

September 2015

Name Start Date Location
Senshi-Con 9/26/2015 AK
Saboten Con 9/4/2015 AZ
FandomVerse Expo 9/4/2015 CA
Kraken Con Fall 9/26/2015 CA
Long Beach CC 9/12/2015 CA
Pacific Media Expo 9/5/2015 CA
Sac-Anime 9/4/2015 CA
TouhouCon 9/18/2015 CA
Yaoi-Con 9/18/2015 CA
Nan Desu Kan 9/4/2015 CO
CampAnime 9/11/2015 CT
Umicon Daytona 9/11/2015 FL
Anime Weekend Atlanta 9/24/2015 GA
DragonCon 9/4/2015 GA
HawaiiCon 9/10/2015 HI
RamenCon 9/18/2015 IN
Tri-Con 9/25/2015 IN
Baltimore CC 9/25/2015 MD
Meta Con 9/4/2015 MN
Anime Getaway Jackson, MS 9/12/2015 MS
Anime Fargo 9/18/2015 ND
Bakkencon 9/18/2015 ND
Atlanti-Con 9/25/2015 Newfoundland and Labrador
Sabakon 9/5/2015 NV
Cincinnati Comic Expo 9/18/2015 OH
Midoricon 9/25/2015 OH
FanExpo Canada 9/3/2015 Ontario
BlurrieCon 9/18/2015 PA
J1-Con 9/20/2015 PA
Animara Con 9/19/2015 Quebec
Daycon Clarksville 9/19/2015 TN
AnimeFest 9/4/2015 TX
Kumoricon 9/4/2015 WA

October 2015

Name Start Date Location
Rose City Anime Festival 10/18/2015 Alberta
Protoculture Con 10/4/2015 CA
Sac-Con 10/25/2015 CA
Animate! Miami 10/23/2015 FL
Animate! Miami 10/23/2015 FL
Mizucon 10/2/2015 FL
WasabiCon 10/31/2015 FL
Anime Ohana 10/9/2015 HI
Anime Getaway St. Louis 10/10/2015 IL
CONtraflow/DeepSouthCon 10/2/2015 LA
YoumaCon 10/29/2015 MI
Anime Fusion 10/16/2015 MN
PokeCon 10/24/2015 MN
Another Anime Convention 10/16/2015 NH
Great Basin Geek Con 10/17/2015 NV
SNAFU Con 10/30/2015 NV
Kabochacon 10/23/2015 OH
NyanCon 10/3/2015 OH
Izumicon 10/30/2015 OK
Pittsburgh Comic & Collectibles Show 10/24/2015 PA
Banzaicon 10/30/2015 SC
Omega Expo 10/2/2015 TX
Oni-Con 10/30/2015 TX
Realms Con 10/2/2015 TX
Anime Banzai 10/16/2015 UT
Bakuretsu Con 10/30/2015 VT
Aki Con 10/30/2015 WA
Anime USA 10/30/2015 Washington DC
Titletown Comic and Entertainment Expo 10/2/2015 WI
Tsubasacon 10/9/2015 WV

November 2015

Name Start Date State
Hamacon Minicon 11/14/2015 AL
Kikori Con 11/6/2015 AZ
Campbell Con 11/7/2015 CA
ANIME SOUTH 11/20/2015 FL
FANdom Con 11/6/2015 FL
ShadoCon 11/6/2015 FL
NerdaCon 11/6/2015 GA
Anime Matsure Hawaii 11/27/2015 HI
Wizard World Louisville 11/6/2015 KY
Animaine 11/13/2015 ME
GeekFest Montreal 11/7/2015 Quebec
Anime NebrasKon 11/6/2015 NE
Philcon 11/20/2015 NJ
Yushi-Con 11/7/2015 PA
Anime North Texas 11/20/2015 TX
Nekocon 11/6/2015 VA
Daisho Con 11/20/2015 WI

December 2015

Name Start Date State
Lost in Fandom 12/13/2015 CA
Akihabara Expo 12/18/2015 CA
Holiday Matsuri 12/18/2015 FL
Con+Alt+Delete 12/18/2015 IL
Geekonomicon 12/11/2015 MS
DerpyCon 12/4/2015 NJ
TAG Fest 12/5/2015 OH
Sangawa Project 12/4/2015 PA
Yama-Con 12/4/2015 TN

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