International Shipping by CatPrint

CatPrint offers international shipping?!

To help service our non-United States customers, CatPrint offers international shipping services to customers who live outside of the United States!

This means that even if you may live in Australia, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom, and you need an online printer, CatPrint will print, cut, finish, package, and deliver to you! You can enjoy the same beautiful quality, compassionate customer service, and environmentally friendly prints because the prints are coming to you from the same people who care about your prints!

Your order is more specialized!

CatPrint wants to let you know that the process for ordering your prints for international orders is a little bit more specialized and is a little bit different from the normal processing!

All international orders must be specially arranged with CatPrint’s Customer Service Team. This means that you should contact CatPrint Customer Service directly in order to get started with the details of your international order!

CatPrint would also like to let our customers know that all international orders are shipped through USPS International, also known as the United States Postal Service International. Although CatPrint provides the tracking number and information for the international orders, please also consider that CatPrint does not provide guaranteed delivery dates on any international order, and expedited services for international orders are limited.

For all international orders, customers assume the entire shipping cost when the package is shipped from our CatPrint facility. The shipping charge for international orders generally start at approximately $50, but the actual price is completely dependent on the weight and destination of the order itself.

For printers & businesses in other nations…

CatPrint is actively working to develop printing partnerships in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. If you are a printer who is interested in becoming a CatPrint partner, please feel free to contact CatPrint at, or call our Customer Service line at 877-228-7768 and provide us some details and information about your business, and we will get back to you!

A side note for our Canadian Customers:

For our non-United States customers who live in Canada, CatPrint has a facility located in Toronto, Ontario. To order from our Canadian facility, please visit All of the prices and shipping rates listed on our Canadian site are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), so there is no need to bring out your calculator for converting US dollar amounts to Canadian amounts! Your order will ship out of our facility in Toronto.

We also offer on site pickup only at our Canadian facility! So if you are worried about shipping costs, why not just pick it up if you live nearby to our Canadian facility? Just make sure to contact Customer Service regarding pick-up options!

Please also note that there are a number of paper stocks listed on our United States site that are not available for Canada, and vice versa. So if you are a Canadian customer and received our sample book, but you really like a paper stock that is only offered in the United States and print from our United States facility, you are responsible for the shipping costs just like all other international orders.

If you are confused about any of these details, please contact Customer Service at or call our Customer Service line at 877-228-7768.

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