07-10-2015 CatPrint Music Playlist

This is CatPrint’s July 10th, 2015 Music Playlist! Every Friday, CatPrint will be posting a playlist filled with songs handpicked by employees. Check out the diversity of our music tastes!

Brooke: Imagine Dragons – Tiptoe
Eileen: Animal Collective – My Girls
Kevin: Best Friends Forever – Handpocket
Lex: Mucc – Fuzz
Matt: STS9 – World Go Round – Totem
Nate: The Avett Brothers – I Would Be Sad
Pat: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man
Saloneer: Zedd – We’re Beautiful Now


CatPrint is a boutique color printing company offering premium short run printing via the internet. When founded in 2004, the company was operated out of the owner's basement. Today, CatPrint has expanded into a cutting-edge web establishment, employing a team of workers with expertise in the fields of graphic design, productions and customer service. We also guarantee the use of the largest and most innovative digital presses available to us. Throughout our development, we strive to remain a customer-conscious organization, always trying to offer the most satisfying printing experience. Remember, our main concern is always you – the customer!

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