CatPrint Cares Featured Group for July 2015: Camp Good Days

As you may have already known, CatPrint runs a program called CatPrint Cares!

CatPrint Cares is CatPrint’s way of showing that we care! During the first year of its inception in 2014, all of our featured groups for the month were local animal rescue groups. Because it was such a great success during the first year, we decided to open up the CatPrint Cares program to charitable organizations that our employees care about.

For this month’s Featured Charitable Organization, we are featuring Camp Good Days!

CatPrint Cares Camp Good Days

CatPrint Cares about Camp Good Days

How does CatPrint Cares work?

When you donate our Featured Charitable Organization of the month and email CatPrint a copy of your donation receipt, you will receive a 10% off coupon for your next order that you can you use whenever you would like. The coupon does not expire!


CatPrint is a boutique color printing company offering premium short run printing via the internet. When founded in 2004, the company was operated out of the owner's basement. Today, CatPrint has expanded into a cutting-edge web establishment, employing a team of workers with expertise in the fields of graphic design, productions and customer service. We also guarantee the use of the largest and most innovative digital presses available to us. Throughout our development, we strive to remain a customer-conscious organization, always trying to offer the most satisfying printing experience. Remember, our main concern is always you – the customer!

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