TED Talk Tuesday: The art of first impressions in design and life by Chip Kidd

In the design world, it is very important that you are able to capture the attention of your potential audience. Even if you just have their attention for a split second, that is better than the potential customer simply skimming through without any interest.

In this funny and witty TED Talk, Chip Kidd talks about how we often judge things about the infamous quote “judging a book by its cover”. As a graphic designer, he talks in depth about two techniques that designers often use in order to capture the attention of their audience: mystery and clarity. He explains in detail with different types of examples as to how they are used, when they are used, and when they actually work well for their purpose. As a book cover designer, he absolutely needs to know how to capture the attention of a potential reader.

Watch this TED Talk if you need some ideas on how to capture your audience so that they will take a look at your items!

Who is Chip Kidd?

Chip Kidd is a very well known book cover graphic designer. He has been the graphic designer for Alfred A. Knopf for decades now. One of his most well known book covers is for Jurassic Park. He has received numerous design and communication awards, such as the AIGA Medal in 2014.

You can find Chip Kidd on Twitter and his website at:



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