CatPrint Walkthrough – Part Four: Cutting and Finishing

If you have followed our CatPrint Walkthrough, this is the fourth part of the series.

This is where we will be talking about how the Finishing Process is completed! Finishing includes all types of things, including cutting down your prints, corner rounding, and binding. Read on to find out more!

If you have not been following the CatPrint Walkthrough series, you might want to learn about Customer Service Pre-Press, Production Pre-Press, and Printing & Color Maintenance before reading on!

Cutting & Finishing Process

After your files print from the Xerox iGen 4, the prints go through the finishing step of the print production process. This is the part of the process where we actually “make” the prints. We have a multitude of finishing options which you can find on our site!

After the job prints onto a 12″ x 18″ sheet, the prints are cut down to its finished size on one of our two guillotine cutters. Easy, right?

If the job requires additional finishing, the prints get sorted onto a designated cart to move onto the next requested finishing option. The CatPrinter at the finishing station will then look at the job ticket to determine what finishing option was ordered.

Our additional finishing options include corner rounding, creasing and folding, spiral or coil binding, stapled booklets, pocket folders and limited custom die cutting. Most of our finishing process is completed by hand as very few of our machines are fully automated.

If the job does not need any additional finishing services, it will be sorted by the scheduled shipping day and onto the shipping cart.

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