CatPrint Walkthrough: Part Two – Production Pre-Press

In the first part of our CatPrint Walkthrough series, we talked about what happens when you place your order.

If you want to know what happens to your order after it is pre-pressed in Customer Service, read on:

After jobs are pre-pressed in Customer Service, they are sent to the Production Queue and go through a second quality check. During this step, a Production Specialist will look for any job comments added to the order, and will make sure the comments are noted. If there are any questions or concerns about your print job or your files, Production places the job on hold. When a job is held, Customer Service contacts the customer about the question or issue. If everything looks good, the job is then sent to print.

production pre-press

Production Pre-Press

3 thoughts on “CatPrint Walkthrough: Part Two – Production Pre-Press

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