CatPrint Music Playlist 03-20-2015

This is CatPrint’s March 20th, 2015 Music Playlist! Every Friday, CatPrint will be posting a playlist filled with songs handpicked by employees. Check out the diversity of our music tastes!

  1. Adam: It’s Raining Tacos
  2. Becca: The Way I Am – Ingrid Michaelson
  3. Eileen: Long Night – Guster
  4. Jan: Appreciate – Paul McCartney
  5. Jon: Kingdom Come – The Civil Wars
  6. Matt: Holdin’ On – Flume
  7. Mitch: Don Henley – All She Wants to Do is Dance
  8. Nicole: Take Your Time – Sam Hunt
  9. Pat: My Blue Heaven – Taking Back Sunday
  10. Saloneer: Afroki – Steve Aoki

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