TED Talk Tuesday: Play this game to come up with original ideas by Shimpei Takahashi

Why Should You Watch This TED Talk?

We’ve all heard of the term writer’s block, which is best known by creative writers where they feel that they’re stuck or have turned up on a “block”. This term “writer’s block” can actually come up to any sort of situation that requires creativity, whether you’re in the office and trying to come up with some new marketing ideas or thinking of what colors to implement in the background of your graphic design.

This is where Shimpei Takahashi’s talk comes in. In this short amusing talk at TEDxTokyo, he teaches us a little game that we can all play called Shiritori if we need some sort of help to generate new ideas!

*This talk is in Japanese but has English translated subtitles.*

Who is Shimpei Takahashi?

Shimpei Takahashi is a Toy Developer at Bandai, a well known Japanese toy company. He is most famously attributed to the “Mugen Puchi Puchi”, which is a bubble wrap keychain that allows the player to infinitely pop bubbles, along with a lot of other toy designs.



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