CatPrint’s First Snow Day of the Year!

In case you didn’t know, CatPrint is located in Rochester, New York, which is the THIRD snowiest city in America according to So it’s not unusual for CatPrint to have a snow day!

What exactly happens at CatPrint when there’s a snowstorm and the conditions absolutely don’t allow us all to drive to work? Do we force ourselves to come to work despite the treacherous weather?


February 2, 2015: First CatPrint Snow Day of the year!

February 2, 2015: First CatPrint Snow Day of the year!

Customer Service

If conditions don’t allow us to make it to CatPrint physically, for Customer Service, we’ll telecommute!

Even if we can’t physically make it to the CatPrint facility, we still give you the best Customer Service we can provide from our homes. That’s right! We won’t just forget about your inquiries and sip on hot chocolate from our beds with our furry friends; we make sure that you’re getting taken care of while we’re sipping on hot chocolate.


For orders pending on the Production floor, does this mean that your orders won’t be fulfilled and delivered on time? That’s not true! Although there could be delays or certain services and shipping options won’t be available, it is extremely rare (almost as rare as a dodo) that there won’t be anyone in Production to take care of your order. Production is like Santa Claus’s workshop; someone is always here working hard to make sure you receive what you ordered.


That’s just how much we care.

Maybe someday we’ll be able to sponsor a sled team made up of rescue dogs to collect snowed-in citizens, but for now we’re focused on quality printing services.

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