Top Reasons Why CatPrint is Great for Artists and Illustrators

CatPrint fact: We love art!

CatPrint Wall

CatPrint Office Wall by Matt S.

With many of us being graphic designers or artists ourselves, we know what fine artists, illustrators, comic artists, and digital artists require from a printing company in order to succeed in the art world.

You may have some friends who have told you they get their art prints from CatPrint, but maybe you aren’t completely sure what we offer to artists. Or maybe you have printed with CatPrint a few times before and you’re unsure of some of our custom services. We’ll lay it all out in comprehensive order below!

Low Prices on 11×17 & 12×18 Poster Prints:

We know that our 30+ stocks can be overwhelming sometimes, so we have narrowed the list down to 8 commonly used poster stocks and even cut down on the price to save you money and increase your bottom line.

Only $0.65 each:

  • Light Card Stock Gloss
  • Light Card Stock Matte
  • Light Card Stock Plain

Only $0.75 each (the most popular used for poster prints!):

  • Heavy Card Stock Gloss
  • Heavy Card Stock Matte
  • Heavy Card Stock Plain

Only $0.85 each:

  • Extra Heavy Card Gloss
  • Extra Heavy Card Matte

Affordable Printing on Incidentals and Merchandise:

Many artists (even those we currently print for) don’t know that in addition to poster prints, we offer business cards, flyers, large format posters up to 36” wide, greeting cards, bookmarks, comic books, custom sized prints, and even card games. If you can dream up a project, CatPrint can probably help turn your vision into a reality!

Complimentary Hard Copy Proofs:

We know that you put a lot of time and energy into your work and the prints need to match your intended colors as closely as possible. We offer a complimentary hard copy proof of each file you submit with every single order to ensure your prints look exactly the way you expect! This way, you can see how your file prints and make any necessary adjustments before printing the full run.

Awesome Shipping Services:

We give you a guaranteed delivery date with every order. Our standard delivery time is 7 business days which includes PRINTING AND SHIPPING time! We also have 5, 3, 2, and 1 day delivery options available if you need your prints in a hurry. What’s even better? We offer drop shipping at no additional cost, so if you’re at a convention and run out of a print, lose your luggage, damage your prints, or simply don’t want to lug all your prints across the country, we can ship new ones right to the front desk of your hotel!

NEW FOR 2015 – CatPrint Artist Of The Month:

Each month we will feature a different artist who prints with CatPrint. We will include an 8.5″ x 11″ collectible print of their work on one of our premium card stocks with all comic art and illustration orders (with the exception of blind ship orders). This is a great way for artists to gain exposure absolutely free of charge, not to mention you’ll have a pretty cool piece of art to look forward to with each order you place! If you would like to be featured as an Artist Of The Month, email!

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