Where are Your Colored Papers?

When planning a DIY wedding or party, matching everything to one color scheme can be challenging.  Not every vendor will have your specific shades of peach, coral, and ombre poppy.

An invitation is important as it is a sneak peek to your event’s theme, ambience, and color scheme. This requires the right design on the right materials in the right color.

At CatPrint, we strive to take all of the right elements and merge them into an affordable customized project.  You may notice we don’t carry colored paper stocks.  Instead, we offer white and cream papers in a variety of weights and textures.  This allows for a clean canvas to apply your file.  By incorporating a color background to your file it allows you to create the same effect of printing on a colored stock, in any color scheme you choose.

How to Get Your Color Just Right:

  • Elect for a Hard Copy Proof:  We offer free proofs with every order.  A hard copy proof will be the best way to see how your file will transfer from monitor to print.
  • Save in CMYK format:  RGB files will be converted to CMYK before printing so there may be a color shift.
  • Consider your stock: Cream stocks, for example, will give a slight cream hue to your art.  Complimentary stock samples for comparison are available through this request form.
  • Calibrate your screen: Find more information at the link below: http://www.catprint.com/pages/setting-up-your-files/calibrating-your-monitor

Use these tools to your advantage to bring your perfect design to life!

The image is credited at: http://www.imgbase.info/images/safe-wallpapers/digital_art/2d/13487_2d_colorful_colorful_cat.jpg

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