Benefits of Short Run Printing

Is Short Run Printing for You?

First, how are short run prints different than traditional offset printing?  

Offset printing is a technique that transfers ink from a custom made plate to a rubber blanket, and finally to a printing surface (link to previous post on offset printing).  

Short run printing is generally done digitally.  For this, no printing cylinder plates are needed. Instead, an inkjet or laser printer reads the ready-print file and deposits pigment or toner onto the printing surface.

Cat Ran Out of Toner

Cat Ran Out of Toner

Is there an advantage to short run printing?

Depending on your needs, short run printing may be right for you.  Here are the key advantages:

Price:  It is very costly to create custom plating for each page in offset printing.  Digital printing allows you to forgo this expense as well as the additional set up fee linked with offset printing.

Speed:  Due to a reduced setup time in short run printing, you can expect a quick turn around time.  This is advantageous if you are on a tight deadline because next day delivery is often an option.

Adaptability:  As you change, so will your designs.  Short run printing allows you to create customized print jobs without additional set up costs.

Proofing:  Short run digital printing allows easily produced and inexpensive proofs.  You are able to make file adjustments with ease.

CatPrint is proud to offer all of the above benefits and more.

With short run printing, we are able to keep our prices low and competitive because the more you print, the lower the cost per print will be.

Also available is next day to 7-day turnaround time. Yes, this includes printing and shipping!

You are able to submit as many different files as you like, all of which are then stored in your account library which you can access later on.

A free hard copy proof is available with every order.  After receiving your proof, you can submit edits with no additional charge.

If you have any questions on how digital printing or CatPrint works, feel free to contact Customer Service at We have dedicated customer service representatives happy to answer any questions you may have.

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