Stationery, Non-Stationary

When was the last time you visited your local stationer for some paper or writing implements?

During a time before it was so easy to bring back home some pens and paper from the office, the stationer was the person you would have to see about surface materials to write on and things to write with. This is where the noun “stationery“, with an e, comes from. In terms of spelling, it is far too easy to confuse the noun with the adjective. “Stationary“, the adjective, means something that our prints most definitely are not. 
cat writing on envelope
Paper is forever in motion at CatPrint. Let’s imagine that you have crafted a best-selling holiday card, and we’ll track its migration from our production floor to the customer’s hands. 
First, thick stacks of your preferred card stock get swept through our Xerox iGen4 in a matter of seconds. Amongst the printer’s trays and rollers, that paper gets dolled up with your design. After departing from the printer, the cards are cut down to size and then creased to make them easier to fold. Once your order is nestled snugly in a box, it travels by truck, plane, or boat to get to where you need it to be. However, just because it has arrived at its final destination doesn’t mean that it is done moving.
What might people do with your printed cards? They’ll pick up the cards off the rack, open them, hand them to friends. Those cards could get stuffed into envelopes and sent cross-country again, and someone else will open up the cards and read them. These pieces of paper that have been carried so far already wind up carrying messages that hold great significance. Stationery doesn’t just move, it moves people.
In the end, it is your design that evokes people’s emotions. Your art is important to you, and it deserves to live in the hands of your friends, family, and customers.

CatPrint is a boutique color printing company offering premium short run printing via the internet. When founded in 2004, the company was operated out of the owner's basement. Today, CatPrint has expanded into a cutting-edge web establishment, employing a team of workers with expertise in the fields of graphic design, productions and customer service. We also guarantee the use of the largest and most innovative digital presses available to us. Throughout our development, we strive to remain a customer-conscious organization, always trying to offer the most satisfying printing experience. Remember, our main concern is always you – the customer!

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